AMD graphics card from 10 years ago, updated to the latest Windows 10 drivers

AMD has released adrenaline drivers for older graphics cards 10 years after it was released.

The driver distributed this time is version 22.6.1 of Adrenaline, which is made to support virtually all existing and used AMD graphics cards, including the relatively recent R9 Fury series, as well as the older HD series including the Nano and R5 200 series. Confirmed.

The HD series supports up to the 7700 series, including the 7900 series that supported DirectX12 for the first time.

Older Radeon GPUs for laptops can also use this version. As with the desktop version, it has been confirmed that older models from M400 series to M200 series and legacy models including HD 7700M to 7900M are included in support.

The distributed Adrenaline 22.6.1 driver can be downloaded by selecting the model you are using on the driver distribution page of the AMD website.

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