Ann told me about the minute she met Han So Hee, what a shock! admired, beautiful, elegant, lovely

Ann told me about the minute she met Han So Hee, what a shock! Admire, beautiful, elegant, cute. It’s a shame we didn’t have time to talk about anything.

Ann told me the minute she met Han So Hee. / South Korean Superstar “Han So Hee” who plays the role of a mistress in the series “The World of the Married” traveled to Thailand to attend the event the day before and took a photo frame with Thai stars “Ann Thongprasom” and played the role of Mia in the Thai version of The Betrayal in the remake The World of the Married

latest Ann Thongprasom After opening the way to attend “Bua Phan Fun Fair”, he opened and watched the movie “Bua Phan Fun Yap” at Suralai Hall, 7th floor, ICONSIAM and opened his heart about meeting Han So Hee, a star from South Korea.

How did you meet Han So Hee? “Just as my interpreter suggested. This is the Thai version of Mia Luang. He had a frightened expression. And then retreat steps 2. We didn’t even say anything and were dragged out. Is there a queue to take pictures?

Ann told me the minute she met Han So Hee.

as an actor What do those eyes look like? Ann said he probably thought Is she like this? Well, Ann can’t think of it. I’m glad to meet you. (Did he take a step back?) It’s like a Korean girl. The way he puts his hand over his mouth is cute, or maybe he’s scared. It was like a surprise.”

Didn’t ask for anything? “I didn’t have time to ask anything. That day the work took a long time and everyone was exhausted. I would sleep I didn’t have much time to talk. (If you could ask him one question, what would it be?) “I will ask if you are tired (laughs) because you are very tired.”

Ann told me the minute she met Han So Hee.

How is the real person? He is so beautiful, and his dignity is that he has so many lovers, truly beautiful, graceful, cute, not arrogant. (Meet him, even for a moment But what is our moment?) is that he is talented Then one day we met a smart person. And being in a project that we do close to each other, it feels good, it is one of the impressions that it has come to life.

Ann told me the minute she met Han So Hee.

Many people say it’s a rare picture of Superstars from 2 countries together? “Yes, this is the story that this series has been talking about. But without talking much. (Smiling wildly?) It’s an image that doesn’t come easily. that actors of his level will come against our Thai actors And in the event, everyone takes care of each other. Everyone lived with all their dignity and it was beautiful.”

Have you taken a picture? “Someone took the picture and said it straight away. go to sleep But luckily, someone jumped into the queue to take a couple’s picture. I haven’t even grabbed my own camera yet. I got a picture from someone else’s camera.”

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