Broadcasters criticize ‘debating negligence’ and ‘lack of coordination’ after President Yoon cancels condolence

The criticism of President Yoon Seok-yeol, who went on diplomatic condolence to Queen Elizabeth II of England, to write a condolence log only without actually visiting the queen, was criticized as ‘diplomatic negligence’, ‘not properly prepared’ ‘, and ‘diplomatic disaster’ Most broadcasters and the opposition made such criticism.

In the presidential office, President Yoon arrived in England on the 18th and planned to pay a (mourning) visit and write a condolence note at Westminster Hall, where the queen’s coffin is contained. The president’s office explained that it was the British side that provided the condolences instead of the condolences to the leader who arrived late that afternoon. In a local video on the day of the flight, President Yoon said, “It is not clear whether I can do all three (schedule on the first day) or just one or two.”

At a local briefing on the afternoon of the 19th (Korea time), President Kim Eun-hye, a senior public relations chief, said, “It would have been better if the plane arrived earlier as we adjusted the schedule, but due to the unavoidable circumstances, the summit that arrived early yesterday afternoon was able to sympathize.” Due to the difficult circumstances in London, the writing of the ‘Condolences’ was led to today for those who arrived after the early afternoon yesterday, that is, between 2 and 3 pm. President Yoon Seok-yeol writes a condolence log today. “

As a result, voices were heard about the neglect of diplomacy in various places, including Jirashi, and they explained it. Kim said, “It is a shame that this kind of sadness for domestic politics is used with unsubstantiated words on such a sad global day when comfort and grief should be the main focus,” Kim said that it is not polite.”

Chief Kim said, “I believe that reporters will judge the attempt to vilify us as if we have been neglected, and cover it with rumors and believable lies to make it,” he said.

However, the question arose as to why the shrine could not be visited because it did not arrive on time.

At the news desk on the 19th, MBC reporter Lee Jeong-eun answered anchor Jang Ki-kyung’s question, ‘If the local situation is difficult, shouldn’t you have traveled a little in advance?’ There are criticisms that it should have been carefully coordinated and attended to.” Reporter Lee said, “Some of the heads of other countries have walked by Westminster Abbey to pay their respects. But this is also controversial because it is not natural,” he pointed out.

Reporter Lee said, “In the end, there is attention to the fact that the president’s sympathy schedule is not clearly coordinated with the British side.”

▲ Catch the MBC News Desk video broadcast on the 19th

SBS also said on 8 News on the same day, “The explanation was that the schedule was rearranged due to unavoidable circumstances, and there was no negligence, but a diplomatic source said he knew that sympathy would be possible until age if he arrived at the site. afternoon before leaving. It seems difficult to avoid drawing attention to the fact that the meaning of sympathy should have been preserved by close communication.”

KBS also reports News 9 ‘Controversy over condolence cancellation… In “It is a shame that the British royal family tried to adjust the time and neglect the time,” he said, “The ‘neglect debate’ arose immediately on after comparing the photos of the condolences of the heads of other countries. There was even criticism,” he said. After presenting the presidential office’s explanation, KBS criticized him, saying, “But there is also a comment that he caused controversy by planning a schedule tight without considering the severe traffic jams in advance.”

▲ Catch the SBS 8 news video broadcast on the 19th
▲ Catch the SBS 8 news video broadcast on the 19th

In addition to terrestrial broadcasting, broadcast general programming channels also criticized the controversy surrounding the cancellation of President Yoon’s condolence. JTBC reported on the evening’s ‘Newsroom’ report, ‘President Yoon went out for sympathy diplomacy, but failed to visit the queen’s coffin’.” reported. In the report that followed, reporter Kim Tae-young, in the local newsroom and liaison, noted, “President Yoon, who visited the UK for sympathy diplomacy, was unable to sympathize himself because the process was not of coordinating the schedule. enough.” he criticized

However, in the main evening newsNews A’, Channel A briefly reflected the explanation from the president’s office, saying, “I was going to pay my respects to the Queen’s coffin before attending the reception, but it was canceled due to local traffic conditions. , and there was also controversy over the neglect of sympathy.” In the case of TV Chosun, the 9 o’clock news did not mention the debate itself regarding the cancellation of the condolence. TV Chosun said, “President Yun postponed the condolence at the request of the British royal family due to traffic conditions just after arriving in London yesterday, and today he is going to write the condolence right after the funeral.” An anonymous report was made.

▲ Catch the KBS News 9 video broadcast on the 19th
▲ Catch the KBS News 9 video broadcast on the 19th

In particular, the Chosun Ilbo online article focused specifically on the presidential office. The Chosun Ilbo published online only on the afternoon of the 19th, ‘I’m embarrassed for trying forcefully in the UK? In an article entitled ‘The Truth Overturned by Jirashi’, “Jirashi’s stance is that ‘President Yoon recklessly visited the UK and asked for a protocol of sympathy from the British side, and was disparaged'” Submitted content ‘ Jirashi’ The Chosun Ilbo said, “However, President Yun maintains his schedule without any abnormalities, such as attending a welcome event held by King Charles III, the permanent residence at the same time as his arrival.” It even led to a situation where Sil came out and objected.”

The Chosun Ilbo said, “The opportunity for President Yun to go to Westminster Hall, where the queen’s body was enshrined, to express his condolences was replaced by attending a funeral at Westminster Abbey the next day. It is pointed out that the president of South Korea went to the UK to pay his respects, but the mourning was cancelled, and it is said that he neglected the essence of the matter by only addressing the unconfirmed content of Jirash, rather than discussing the circumstances and the problems.

▲ Catch the JTBC newsroom video broadcast on the 19th
▲ Catch the JTBC newsroom video broadcast on the 19th

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