[Brwydr i golli pwysau]After turning 30, he gained weight and switched to a career as a fitness trainer

After turning 30 years old, she quickly gained weight and changed to a fitness trainer, and the middle-aged woman attacked the beautiful daughter of Matuo B8 months old with a fat fetus but not a fat person.

There is always a kind of legend in the previous generation of Tuo B, that is, it is not wise for pregnant women to walk around during the Tuo B, and they should lie down at home and rest more. However, with the progress of the times, many modern pregnant women are ready to make a pioneering attempt, and one of them is Xiao Nizi, who is only 1.5 meters tall. Mai Qianjing (Ya Jing), who is born with a childish appearance, just looking at her upper body, it is hard to imagine that she is 37 years old; her slender legs cannot tell that she is actually a mother-to-be. , Tuo B has been almost 8 months. Although she is coming soon, as a fitness instructor, she still goes to work every day and demonstrates various poses to students; when many people around her wipe their sweat for her, she tells the variety of Tuo B sports as a benefit treasure. .

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Entry process

Before joining the industry, Ya Jing used to be a dance instructor, and worked as a clerical position in the center. Ya Jing has always been thin, but since she turned 30, her metabolism slowed down and she loved to eat, so her weight suddenly increased by more than 10 pounds. Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, she began to adjust her diet and dance, and soon began to lose weight. In order to make her figure more noticeable, Ya Jing began to engage in fitness, and since then she has started a milestone her fitness career. It has been 7 years since she worked as a fitness trainer. Ya Jing is currently pregnant for almost 8 months, and she does not have the indistinguishable fat and swelling of ordinary pregnant women. Her weight is only about 7 kg. weight has increased compared to before pregnancy, which is within the normal range.

Fitness Instructor Satisfaction

Many people think that a fitness instructor’s job is primarily to help students lose weight. However, Ya Jing said with a smile that this is only part of the job, in addition to improving appearance, fitness can actually help relieve pain. Ya Jing’s most memorable case was a student who had a problem with her cervical spine. She felt uncomfortable when she moved a little. She has seen many doctors and tried physical therapy, but it did not help her . After that, Ya Jing began to help the students, a set of customized muscle training courses, and after a good life, the students’ pains were cured without medicine.

pregnant women fitness

Ya Jing pointed out that many pregnant women will feel that it is very natural to gain weight during pregnancy, but in reality, there may be many problems that will affect both the mother and the baby. Therefore, she strongly encourages expectant mothers to move more, not too vigorously, and focus on “light” exercise, and some stretching is also acceptable.

However, he also emphasized that pregnant women should exercise according to their ability, and pay attention to whether they have difficulty breathing during exercise, and whether there are other abnormalities, such as whether there is pain or throbbing in the body … and after that. 3 months of “Tuo B”, It is better to exercise after the BB is roughly stable.

During the first 3 months, the BB needs to be firmly attached to the uterus. In fact, it is not considered stable within 3 months. If pregnant women exercise too early, the it will affect the development of BB doing exercise.

Benefits of fitness for pregnant women

Ya Jing refers to pregnant women who exercise, which can make them relax and sleep better. It can also be smoother when they give birth to BB, and their recovery ability will be faster. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should maintain no matter what kind of exercise they do, not for a long time lying flat.

Birth is about to happen, and most people might try to rest at home as much as possible, but as a fitness instructor, she does the opposite. She not only continues to give fitness classes to students, but also do weight training every day. It seems shocking, but she said with a smile that her body has a memory, as long as there is no discomfort, she also advises other pregnant women to move more.

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