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Bualuang Securities recommends SSF and RMF funds” through 4 main themes to reduce tax Plus money in the port grows.

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Sermsak Wongsitichok, Director of Financial Instruments Trading Department Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited revealed that the market overview during the last curve of the year 2021 can continue. There are many supporting factors such as global stock markets improving. From the progress of vaccination against COVID-19 Causing many countries to start to open again, whether in Europe, the United States or India, etc., while many governments still use economic stimulus measures especially the United States This can be seen from the fact that “Joe Biden” US President Presenting the “American Jobs Plan” to stimulate the economy in order to restore and develop the country’s economy in the long term.

Therefore, for the remainder of 2021, it is recommended to those who are planning a 2021 tax break or wanting to build long-term investment savings. find a time to invest “Savings Fund” (SSF Fund) or “Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) which people under 45 years old should choose to invest in SSF to the fullest first. Because it takes a period of 10 years to invest, there is no minimum investment requirement. No need to buy continuously every year, buy any year, reduce that year, invest up to 30% of the income for the whole year, but not more than 200,000 baht and when combined with RMF funds, provident funds (PVD), pension insurance, GPF, GOC, etc., must not exceed 5 hundred thousand baht.

But if you are over 45 years old, you should choose to invest in RMF since the investment units can be redeemed at the age of 55 and there is no minimum investment. but must continue to invest every year Except for no more than 1 year, when the conditions are met, can sell all the investments making investments less than 10 years

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“Effective investment In addition to investors must arrange investment portfolios to suit their age. Must also consider the ability to take risks as well. For example, if you are a moderate risk taker, you should choose a mix fund that can invest in the long term. or if you want to plan for retirement through long-term investment But don’t have time to take care of the investment portfolio to suit the age range. Should invest in a Target Date Fund that focuses on long-term investment for retirement,” said Mr. Sermsak.

Mr. Sermsak said that during the remainder of this year, the BLS Top Funds report recommends four SSF and RMF TOP funds for 2021 tax deduction: It is recommended to invest in “BCAP GW75SSF Fund” or “BCAP-2040RMF Fund” that has a policy to invest in domestic and foreign bonds, domestic and foreign equities. and alternative assets 2. “Technology Equity Fund” with high risk, recommending “KKP TECH-H-SSF Fund” that focuses on investing in tech stocks. which is an important group in driving global economic growth and electronic equipment from around the world

3. The “Global Equity Fund” model with high risk, recommends “KFGGSSF” because it believes that growth stocks can generate good returns in the long run and “KCHANGERMF” that focuses on investing in stocks of companies around the world. and 4. High-risk “Vietnam Equity Fund” model. We recommend the “ASP-VIETRMF” which focuses on investing in listed equity instruments. or have main business in Vietnam It is expected to benefit from growth opportunities in the Vietnamese stock market. and economic expansion that may return to an average 6-7% per year growth again in 2022

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For general public who are interested in receiving BLS Top Funds, Weekly Global Investment Situation Updates with recommendations of “Top Funds” with good quality, outstanding performance from more than 22 types of 18 asset management companies and strategic portfolio management. (Tactical Funds Portfolio) from a team of experienced professionals who come to recommend to customers on a weekly basis. Just open an online fund account with Bualuang Securities in just 3 easy steps at www.bualuang.co.th/funds. For customers of Bualuang Securities You can follow up on the Bualuang Securities website, select “Mutual Funds” menu, select fund information. and select the topic “BLS Top Funds”

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