“C-Nu Newydd” is not weak, leaving the end of the year #Still example, brother 2chi trending on twitter

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The strong current has never rested for the series. And the popularity of the series and the actors led to the fans waiting for Season 2 to come out and talk to each other until they became trending tweets. After releasing the sample

After debuting as a partner with the series Ning Hia was said to be honest. I went up to sit on the throne of another pair of Thai villains, went for “The Pruek Sea a New Chawarin“It is called that the trend has never faded throughout the year 2022. The presenter’s work is abundant. Frequent foreign trips Called to seize every opportunity ever.

which, as the organizer “Option” Said that there will be a series Still Hia said that Sue 2 has come to appease the fans to extend the enjoyment of “Noo Kuea a Hailian“ Along with other couples, the latest Twitter has almost broken since the evening of December 27, 2022, because the camp has released a sample. “Ning Hey 2 You” Come and let the fans see each other until they are stuck in the conversations too. #Still example, brother 2chi , #CutiePie 2 Is Coming

by previous “Kittiphat Option” The organizer of the series used to say that to Kom Chad Luek Entertainment news team “With success It was said that Ning Hia is honest. that’s more than expected. There will also be a special project to share together so that the fans can be more full.” And after a while there is a news flow. The series Still Hia is accused of being honest, season 2

Until the organizer came out to answer that it really was, adding to the love story after Nu Kua and her friends graduated, which went according to the plan that was intended to be seen. The sequel series at the end of the year which comes in form OFFICIAL TRAILER | Ning Hia 2 Chi | Cutie Pie 2 You Series which was launched on December 27, 2022

and despite that The still series is said to be honest. Part 2 will only come out as a preview. But the response from fans from Thailand and abroad made hashtags #Still example, brother 2chi , #CutiePie 2 Is Coming Stuck on Twitter in Thailand for a whole day That shows the trend. and follow this series continuously And get ready to broadcast to watch each other on January 6, 2023

with fans talking about the beauty of various scenes and bringing up some examples in the story to talk about

  • I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE COMEDIC RELIEF IN THIS SITUATION!! Feel like this is going to be one of my favorites too can’t wait for the new OST?!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
  • every time my cat starts to meow imma need her shushhh. I can never hear the same thing again
  • “Aren’t we going to cry anymore?” CutiePie 2 Is Coming.
  • C said there are two scenes that are very difficult. with the scene of people filming in Korea for sure #Still example, brother 2chi
  • When Kue wants to follow his own dreams too And what will be the love of the two next, Let’s wait and see. etc.

Although the strategic plan of the Dumandi camp That came out earlier in 2023 will be even more intense because “Option” Opened a list of series ready to connect the line. and many other pairs of partners

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