Captain Buck accompanies you to spend the summer vacation with Wanda Baby King’s First Undersea Small Column Global Fan Festival set sail


Original title: Captain Buck accompanies you to spend the summer vacation with Wanda Baby King’s first undersea small column global fan festival set sail

Die-hard fans specially made fish biscuits for Captain Buck and sent handwritten postcards to the small column under the sea. The small family of dolls from the small column under the sea gave gifts to the children. The family of three told interesting stories about “The Little Column under the Sea”… June 18 , Wanda Baby King’s first Undersea Small Column Global Fan Festival set sail at the main venue of Baby King Growth World in Tongzhou, Beijing.

Huang Hewei, Vice President of Wanda Baby King Group, and the leading guests at the scene jointly pressed the start button in Beijing, and many Wanda Baby King parks across the country held the launching ceremony simultaneously. Among them, Xi’an Daming Palace Growth World held a special fan meeting. A number of Wanda Baby King Parks across the country held the launching ceremony at the same time.

More than 30,000 families across the country have witnessed and participated in the global fan event of the Undersea Small Column Fan Festival. It is worth mentioning that the members of the small column under the sea were also given a new identity at the Xi’an Fan Meeting, and they were awarded the title of “2022 Qujiang Tourism Summer Spokesperson” by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Xi’an Qujiang Tourism New Area.

“Little Column under the Sea” was released in 2006. Captain Buck and his team members have accompanied the growth of generations of children around the world, and have become a world-renowned children’s animation IP. In 2017, Wanda Baby King Group acquired the copyright of “Little Column under the Sea”. In the past 6 years, under the continuous operation of Wanda Baby King, “Little Undersea Column” has been published in more than 120 countries and regions worldwide, and the number of clicks on the entire network has exceeded 50 billion. Whole new heights.

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“”Little Column under the Sea” is not only a cartoon, but also the most precious growth journey for children, and the most beautiful parent-child time for countless families.” Referring to the original intention of holding the Global Fan Festival, Zhang Chunyuan, President of Wanda Baby King Group, said , “Giving back to fans and growing together is a global fan festival and a global fan carnival. We hope that more families can enjoy it.”

According to reports, Wanda Baby King’s first Undersea Small Column Global Fan Festival includes four major themed activities: “One Movie, One Drama” film and television time, “Starfish Growth Passport” challenge tour and fan festival carnival party, and protect marine diversity and challenge the Guinness Book of Records. The event will last until August 28.

Among them, the film and television time of “One Shadow and One Drama” is jointly presented by the 7th season series of “Little Columns Under the Sea” and the big movie “The Adventure of the Cave”. Since the seventh season of “Little Column under the Sea” premiered globally on Golden Eagle Cartoon on May 27, the national satellite TV has ranked first in prime-time viewership and market share. The cumulative number of viewers in the 20 days since its launch has exceeded 1.5 billion, and the number of broadcast platforms has reached 88 one, has been widely praised.

The second big movie “The Cave Adventure”, which will be officially released on July 9, has been fully upgraded: it welcomes new partners Xiao Kuba and the gluttonous little iguana, telling the story of the Mayan rainforest The wonderful summer adventure here will make the children full of expectations.

Challenge tours and carnival parties revolve around the “starfish growth passport”. On June 1st, Baby King launched the summer product “Starfish Growth Passport” nationwide. The passport IP “Little Column under the Sea” integrates rich activities and store experience, including playing the ocean ball in the atrium, and completing a photo contest with Darcy. For 10 punch-in tasks, including the Starfish Sports Challenge, accumulating starfish medals can be upgraded to become an expatriate of a small column under the sea.

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At the main venue in Tongzhou, Beijing, Mr. Zhang brought his daughter to participate in the sailing ceremony. Mr. Zhang said that the children also liked the small column under the sea very much, and they liked the naughty quack, and they always called him “quack cat” at home. This time, I also purchased the Starfish Growth Passport, ready to use the summer vacation to complete the challenge of 10 tasks, which is also just for the children to exercise. Participating in this sailing ceremony, the children also met a lot of children who like to croak. She also gave the dolls she brought to the friends she just met. The two children also made an appointment to check in together and watch the movie released in July together. big movie.

Wanda Baby King, who owns the global copyright of “Little Column under the Sea”, pays great attention to the continuation of the brand’s genes, and at the same time strives for innovation, and seeks breakthroughs every season around “exploration, rescue, and protection”.

At the Wanda Baby King Growth World fan meeting in Daming Palace, Xi’an, the die-hard fans of Captain Buck also specially made fish biscuits and exchanged them with Captain Buck at the event site. Die-hard fan. Fans said: I am very happy and excited to be able to share fish biscuits with my favorite Captain Buck at the scene. In the past 10 years, from elementary school to university, the team that accompanied the small column under the sea has grown and grown. What I feel more is that happiness. In the future, she will also work with the small column under the sea led by Captain Buck to guard the ocean and protect all animal friends. This is also her dream for many years. This is also the mission and responsibility of the small column under the sea.

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Before the launching ceremony of the Small Undersea Column Global Fan Festival, the fan also sent a postcard drawn by herself to the headquarters of Baby King. Every word was an expression of her true love for the Small Undersea Column.

Ms. Zhou, who brought her son to the sailing ceremony, said that her son is a fan of the small column under the sea and can call all the members by name, but he likes Captain Buck the most and his bravery. Not only did I watch the premiere of the seventh season, but I also watched the clip of the big movie “The Adventure of the Cave” in the park during June 1. Even if he played with other children at home, he always imitated Captain Buck, with a kind of “little one”. The feeling of being responsible” is interesting.

As an important part of the Global Fan Festival, this summer, the offline activities of Wanda Baby King Paradise will also be based on the content of “Little Undersea Column”. Captain Buck invites every brave child to start a new “exploration” with the small column under the sea. , save, protect”, help every “Little Buck Captain” take on the responsibility of protecting the diversity of the ocean, unlock the summer hidden gameplay of Baby King Paradise, and participate in the challenge of Guinness World Records.

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