Chinese consumers tout iPhone as global sales champion in Q4 2021

Market analysis firm Canalys released the report on global smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2021 yesterday. Despite the global chip shortage affecting mobile phone production, Apple still won the fourth quarter sales champion. The analysis pointed to the strong demand for iPhone 13 by Chinese consumers. Apple’s biggest boost to the championship.

Canalys analysts said that Apple was the smartphone market sales champion in the fourth quarter of last year, the iPhone 13 achieved unprecedented success in the Chinese market, and its aggressive pricing strategy made consumers feel value for money. As for Samsung, which was the sales champion in the first three quarters of last year, it ranked second in the fourth quarter, and its overall market share dropped slightly from 22% at the beginning of the year to 20%, while Apple won the championship with a 22% market share in the fourth quarter. About one in every five phones sold is an iPhone.

Another market research firm, Counterpoint Research, also released a report last week, stating that the iPhone 13 is the best-selling smartphone in the Chinese market.

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