Cho Song-hwa punishment? In the end, the IBK must decide

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Songhwa Jo. [사진 한국배구연맹]

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) decides whether to take disciplinary action against Song-hwa Jo (28). However, Songhwa Jo’s path ultimately rests in the hands of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea.

KOVO will hold a reward and punishment committee for Chosonghwa at the secretariat at 10 am on the 10th. The reward and punishment committee was scheduled to be held on the 2nd, but Song-hwa Cho explained the reason, saying, “There is not enough time to prepare the statement of opinions and the submission of explanatory materials.”

IBK tried to publicize Jo Song-hwa, who left the team twice, as a random player. However, we did not receive the application for the voluntary cancellation clause written by the player himself. Song-hwa Jo, who initially agreed to leave the team verbally, refused to fill out the application for voluntary termination. He also unofficially communicated his intention to return to the team.

IBK announced that it would not go with Songhwa Jo. However, instead of canceling the contract, it was referred to the reward and punishment committee. This is because of the residual salary issue. According to Article 23 (Termination of Contract) of the volleyball professional sports player contract, ‘If the contract is canceled due to reasons attributable to the club, the remaining annual salary is paid in full. Only the amount multiplied by 1/365 of the annual salary from the next day to the date of contract termination will be paid’.

There is a possibility that a decision on reward and punishment may not be made on the same day. An official from the volleyball industry said, “IBK plans to prove that Song-Hwa Jo is responsible, and Song-Hwa Jo has appointed a legal representative to defend this. Another official predicted, “Under the revised contract, if a player does not attend training and does not wish to be voluntarily terminated, unlike in the past, there is no way for the club to respond.

According to Article 66 of the KOVO Regulations (Obligation to Perform Athletes), players must comply with events designated by the Federation or the club, participate in the club’s group training, and comply with the club’s legitimate instructions. The example of the orchard can be applied here. However, the general consensus is that it is difficult to get to a business trip suspension or even expulsion. The fine is also up to $500,000. In principle, the status of ‘IBK Industrial Bank player’ continues and you can continue to receive your annual salary.

In the end, the ‘sword’ has no choice but to be wielded by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. Based on the KOVO disciplinary action, the contract must be terminated and compensation for damages must be proceeded. Article 24 (Compensation for Damages) of the Player Contract stipulates that “If a party breaches this contract without any justifiable reason, regardless of whether this contract is terminated or the reason for the termination, it is responsible for compensating for all damages to the other party as a result.” are doing Of course, if the orchard is dissatisfied, a legal battle is inevitable.

By Kim Hyo-kyung, staff reporter



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