Choo Sarang, who grew up as a ‘Shodol’ teenage girl, came to Korea for the first time in 4 years for kickboxing and mukbang

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Sarang, who grew up in a storm and returned as a girl, Jen, who enjoyed a cold water game with Lee Joon-i, and the siblings who gave Grandma Wang a feast for filial piety filled “The Return of Superman” with the children grow up in love.

The 443rd episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman’ (hereafter ‘Shodol’), broadcast on the 19th, was decorated with ‘My Love, My Everything’. Sarang visited Korea after a long time to learn kickboxing, and Jen spent a cold summer with Lee Juni, the son of singer Nabi, playing in the water. In addition, the siblings by far expressed their love for Grandma Wang with a feast of filial piety.

Episode 443 of ‘Shodol’ opened the door by revealing Jay-Witter’s son’s girlfriend, Tongbyeol, who participated as a special report. Jay-Won showed So Yoo-Jin a picture of paw-byeol and conveyed the overwhelming feelings of a new father. In addition, watching the video, Jay-Won sympathized greatly with the attitude of a new ‘superman’ rather than a father-to-be and it made him look forward to his future activities.

Sarang visited Korea for the first time in 4 years with her mother Shiho for summer vacation. The 12-year-old Sarangi, who appeared in a stormy appearance, played mischievous pranks with her mother Shiho and slime toys, and listened to Blackpink songs, bringing joy to the image of mother and daughter as close friends. Although Sarang acts like a shy teenager, she shows a confident figure by solving maths homework on her own, making her realize how big she is.

Sarang demonstrated the power of the original mukbang fairy by eating a yogurt snack with chocolate, which she always wanted to eat when she came to Korea. Sarangi then started kickboxing lessons from Tommy, who had helped his father, Choo Sung-hoon, with his mother Shiho. Sarang demonstrated his natural motor skills with a perfect sense of balance. With elongated arms and a taller stature, she has been reborn as a mother-daughter model boxer by breathing perfectly with Shiho. Sarangi inherited Choo Sung-hoon’s DNA and immediately absorbed the moves taught by trainer Tommy, proving that she is the daughter of a fighter. Showing a sharp and strong kick with Shiho and steady eyes, he still showed the side of a long, lovely Chusarang.

Jen met singer Na-bi and his son Jun-i Lee, and enjoyed an exciting water game. Jen waved to Lee Jun-i and greeted him, “Hi~”, showing his relationship. While riding the slide with her mother Sayuri, Jen greeted her by saying “Hi~” and fell in love with the fun of greeting her. Jen’s laughter from the thrilling slide blew the heat off the small screen.

Supermom Sayuri fell into endless repetitions of the slide for the Zen loved one, and showed her love of Zen by wearing a panda doll mask in the hot summer. The appearance of Zen, who didn’t stop laughing with Sayuri’s girlfriend, made the LAN aunties’ clowns soar to heaven.

From afar, the siblings held a feast of filial piety with their love for Grandma Wang. From afar, the siblings burst into excitement to the song ‘How’s My Age’ by their father, Dong-Hyun Kim. Dan-woo showed off his dancing skills with a tambourine in both hands, while Yeon-woo waved his arms from side to side and surrendered himself to the music, making the village elders fall in love with the brothers’ charm and sisters. In the feast of true love and filial piety between brothers and sisters, there was never a smile on the corner of Grandma Wang’s lips. The siblings, by far, hugged Grandma Wang and expressed their affection, conveying warm family love to the small screen.

Children who conveyed delight through memories with their families. The siblings who celebrated filial piety with Grandma Wang, Jen who enjoyed playing in the water with Super Mom Sayuri, and Shiho and Sarang’s mom who made new memories in Korea, it made me nauseous

Meanwhile, ‘The Return of Superman’ airs every Friday at 10 PM.

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