“Commercial” knocks to pay the difference in the 20th installment. “Paddy rice” receives the highest compensation.

“Commercial” tapped to pay the difference to guarantee rice income, production year 2064/22, the 20th installment, compensated for only 4 types of jasmine paddy at the end of the season, revealing that “jasmine paddy” received the highest compensation, followed by “jasmine paddy outside the area

Mr. Wattanasak Sueaiam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade As the chairman of the subcommittee on supervision and determination of the central criteria referenced to the rice farmers insurance scheme, revealed that on February 25, 2022, the reference price and the compensation for the price difference under the farmers’ income insurance scheme were approved. Rice year 2064/22, round 1, installment 20, with a resolution to pay the difference to farmers registered for rice farmers of the 2064/22 production year, specifying the expected date of harvesting from 18-24 Feb. . 2022, 4 types of rice, namely Hom Mali paddy outside the area Pathum Thani Fragrant Rice paddy and glutinous rice by paying less of the difference but some are higher The jasmine rice No compensation is required because the harvesting season is over.

As for the reference price and the difference in payment, the 20th installment is jasmine rice outside the area, priced at 11,815.28 baht per ton, offset by 2,184.72 baht per ton, Pathum Thani aromatic paddy at 10,280.55 baht per ton, offset by 719.45 baht per ton, paddy at 8,383.83 baht per ton. Compensation for 1,616.17 baht per ton and glutinous rice at 9,834.41 baht per ton, 2,165.59 baht per tonne.

Farmers will receive the difference for the 20th installment, as follows: Hom Mali paddy outside the area 34,955.52 baht, Pathumthani Hom Paddy at 17,986.25 baht, glutinous paddy 48,485.10 baht, and glutinous paddy 34,649.44 baht.

However, the difference in payment of the income insurance scheme in the 3rd year remains the same principle. The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) will transfer funds to farmers’ accounts within 3 working days after the announcement of the benchmark price as in Year 1 and Year 2.

The 3rd year rice farmers income insurance program has guaranteed the price of 5 types of paddy, namely Hom Mali paddy, 15,000 baht per ton, not more than 14 tons, Hom Mali paddy outside the area, 14,000 baht per ton, not more than 16 tons, Paddy rice 10,000 baht per ton, not more than 30 tons Pathum Thani aromatic paddy, 11,000 baht per ton, not more than 25 tons, Glutinous paddy, 12,000 baht per ton, not more than 16 tons.


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