“Covid-19” Today, Dr. Thee, the highest ranked number 5 in Asia, indicates that 5 days of quarantine is not enough. There is a 50% chance.

On July 31, 2022 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Worathanarat or “Doctor Thira“Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post “Thira Woratanarat” to the point”Covid-19stated that

31 July 2022…

yesterdayWorldwide, add 652,804 people 1,110 additional deaths, totaling 581,441,004 deaths, totaling 6,418,666 deaths

The top 5 most infected are Japan, South Korea, Italy, Australia and France.

Yesterday, the number of new infections was six of the top 10 countries from Europe and Asia and 13 of the top 20 in the world.

The number of new infections every day in the world now. from Asia and Europe Together, they accounted for 79.03% of the world’s population, while the number of deaths accounted for 52.25 percent.

Thailand’s epidemic situation

from the data Worldometer this morning found

Number of deaths yesterday The 11th highest in the world and 5th in Asia, although the Thai Ministry of Health has adjusted the reporting system from 1 May until the number of reports is greatly reduced.

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Things to keep in mind when diagnosed with an infection

current medical knowledge forCovid-19species Omicron that clearly

  • Just five days of separation from others was not enough. There is a 50% chance that the virus will remain in the body and infect others.
  • If you are separated for 7 days, there is still a 25% chance.
  • In 10 days, the chance of transmission is around 10%.
  • But after 14 days, medical data suggests it’s probably safe.

so If possible, it is best to isolate yourself for two weeks.

But if you have to return to work that is necessary two weeks before. Always be aware that there is a chance of falling out. and spread it to close people or people you meet in everyday life Therefore, strict self-defense is required.

1. Wear an N95 mask or equivalent if possible.

2. Be sure that you are “all recovered” and should be “negative for your ATK test”.

Chances of rebound after taking antiretroviral therapy

latest news president of the united states whichinfected with COVID-19 and received antiviral drugs until then It turned out that a positive result was detected again after only four days of initial recovery, so it was necessary to isolate from others again to prevent transmission of the infection.

Medical data from the research study found that recurrence or rebound That has a chance of happening around 5% (even in real life. Many infectious disease specialists in America would say it could be up to 10%.)

recurrence Usually occurs after taking all antiretroviral therapy, asymptomatic and negative test results, on average 2-8 days, then symptoms reappear. and/or the test came back positive again (ATK rises to two marks).

Thai people need to know about rebound because it is currently being used.antiviralmore, so if the first symptoms disappear then come back again or test negative then come back positive again It is necessary to separate from the members of the household. or working again by following the above-mentioned separation period because it can infect others.

As for the question Will I have to start a new treatment? There is very little information at present. The advice to practice now is Treat the symptoms first Antiviral medication should not be repeated. But you should consult your personal physician in charge. to be vigilant Observe symptoms and treat them promptly.

For news about a passenger plane skidding off the runway yesterday.

More than 160 officers and passengers who have been on the plane for a long time should be vigilant and observe for another week.

because being stuck in a machine that has not been ventilated for a long time willhigh risk of infectionCan be infected with COVID-19

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