Daegu City Education Office. From January 30, wearing masks voluntarily indoors at school

(Daegu Gyeongbuk Daily News = Reporter Lee Jun-ho) The Daegu City Education Office (Superintendent Kang Eun-hee) announced on the 27th of January 30, that wearing masks indoors in schools will be changed from mandatory to voluntary.

The Daegu Metropolitan Education Office has led the standards for wearing masks according to location and situation, focusing on cases, so that it can be easily understood on school sites.

All classrooms (including special rooms), cafeteria, auditorium classroom, dormitory, toothbrushing room, school events, athletics training, sporting events, use of school buses and group buses, discussion classes, etc. Specific examples for each situation are the criteria for wearing a mask, to make it easy to understand at school.

According to the ‘Indoor Mask Prevention Guidelines’, which will be effective from January 30, it is mandatory to wear a mask when using a vehicle such as a group bus associated with school commuting, school trips, and field trips.

However, in case of contact with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, high risk group, or a confirmed case (suspected person, high risk group), when a large number of people are overcrowded in a poorly ventilated space, when there is a lot of indoor droplet production (chorus class in the classroom, etc.), etc. Wearing a mask indoors is strongly recommended in some circumstances.

Kang Eun-hee, superintendent of education, said, “In order to develop our children’s social relationship skills and educational abilities, we have voluntarily adapted wearing masks indoors at school. However, in the new school year, we will ensure that personal self-discipline measures such as hand washing, ventilation and disinfection for the protection of personal health are followed.”

Meanwhile, new school quarantine guidelines, including future self-diagnosis apps, fever checks, ventilation and disinfection, etc., will also be published in mid-February before the start of the new semester, and the situation of COVID- 19 the school is very close. monitoring for a month in February We intend to respond to the situation of the new school year.

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