Dunes DL003 Paul Atreides Distilled Suit 1:6 Ratio Doll Collection: A Must-Have for Fans of the Legendary Movie Series

AUG TOYS Unveils New Collectible Doll Inspired by the Film “Dune”

In collaboration with American Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, director Denis Villeneuve brings us another captivating sci-fi experience with his latest film, “Dune.” Following his success with “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049,” Villeneuve once again envelops viewers in an unprecedented world of imagination.

The “Dune” series is not merely an action-packed adventure, but rather a poetic narrative that delves into the inner transformations of its characters. With a perfect blend of commercial appeal and artistic sophistication, the film offers audiences a breathtaking experience.

Among the cinematic highlights of “Dune” are the prophetic dreams experienced by the protagonist, Paul Atreides. These dreams give Paul’s journey a deeper significance and a touch of legend as he faces life-altering choices. Joining the Fremen camp, Paul assumes the role of their spiritual leader and begins training their army. Simultaneously, he tries to prevent the devastating future he has foreseen – a holy war unleashed in his name that will engulf the universe.

Inspired by the character Paul Atreides, AUG TOYS presents the “Dunes” Paul Atreides Distilled Suit 1:6 Scale Collectible Doll. This meticulously crafted doll stands at 31cm tall, featuring more than 30 movable joints that perfectly replicate Paul’s physique. The sculpting of the facial features captures the enigmatic allure of actor Timothée Chalamet, while the Freemen’s distilled suit adds a unique charm to the character.

The visually striking outfit exudes strength and influence, with its chiseled armor symbolizing a leader worthy of trust. Despite its seemingly simple appearance, the distilled suit embodies infinite design possibilities. Its streamlined shape effortlessly balances safety and elegance, contributing to Paul’s majestic image. The suit’s material feels authentic, delivering a delicate and distinctive texture.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the doll’s accessories. AUG TOYS has crafted a complete ensemble that breathes life into the character, showcasing remarkable realism and texture. Paul’s low-cut suit design emphasizes his strength and regal presence, catering to the desires of collectors and toy enthusiasts alike.

The “Dunes” Paul Atreides Distilled Suit 1:6 Scale Collectible Doll, product number DL003, is priced at 1480 yuan. Shipping is estimated to begin in the first quarter of 2024. The package includes a basic head sculpt, a highly poseable body with 30 joints, and six interchangeable glove hands. Additionally, the doll comes with a range of intricately designed clothing, accessories, and a custom Arrakis desert shaped platform.

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Original Title: AUG TOYS New Product: Authorized Legendary Movies “Dunes” DL003 Paul Atreides Distilled Suit 1:6 Ratio Doll Collection

Co-created by American Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, directed by Denis Villeneuve, the new godfather of science fiction films (director of “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049”), the legendary Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece “Dune” series. Based on the famous science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgard, Starring Zendaya, Chang Chen, Jason Momoa, and Javier Bardem.

Following “Arrival” and “Blade Runner 2049”, Denis Villeneuve introduced the unprecedented sci-fi imagination to everyone once again.

The “Twyni” series of films this time are not only intense scenes of action and adventure, but also romantic poetry and a detailed performance of the inner transformation of characters, perfect considering commercial temperament and artistic level.

In “Twyni”, in addition to the bloody war scenes, the prophetic dreams of the main character Paul appear several times, which give Paul a deeper meaning and a legendary color when faced with life’s choices.

Duke Paul Atreides joined the Fremen camp and began to become their spiritual leader and train the army. Meanwhile, Paul tries to prevent a terrible but inevitable future he witnesses: a holy war in his name, spreading across the known universe.

“Dunes” Paul Atreides Distilled Suit 1:6 Scale Collectible Doll Features:

AUG TOYS this time based on the shape and proportion of Paul Atreides in the movie “Dune”, created a body with a height of 31cm and more than 30 movable joints, which perfectly restored the shape of Paul’s body.

The dark temperament of the actor “Timothée Chalamet” is reflected through the delicate sculpting of the facial contours, and Paul, who wears a distilled suit made by the Freemen, shows an unusual charm.

This puppet-style outfit makes him look visually stronger and more influential, and the chiseled armor on his body seems to swear that this person is a leader who deserves the trust of others.

On the surface, the distilled suit, which looks simple, contains the essence of infinite design, its streamlined shape skillfully strikes a balance between safety and elegance, and the simple and elegant appearance contributes to a majestic image Paul. The material of the stationary suit feels very real, delicate and unique.

In terms of accessories and details, the AUGTOYS team’s intricate work added many highlights to the whole outfit, making it more vivid, natural and full of charm.

The handsome design of Paul wearing a low-cut suit not only makes Paul look stronger and majestic, but also fully shows the high simulation, high fidelity, and high texture contained in this suit, which can meet the needs of collectors and toy lovers.

Product number: DL003

Product ratio: 1/6

Official price: 1480 yuan

Shipping time: 1st quarter 2024

Product List:

-Basic head sculpt

-30 movable body joints

-6 interchangeable glove hands including:

– One pair of natural gloved hands

– One pair of gloved hands

– One pair of fisting gloved hands


– Close fitting Fremen stationary dress

– Sand resistant cape with built-in wire

– Mask that can be worn on the head, filter plug (Filt-Plug)


– Fighting Knife of the Atreides family, belted with scabbard

-A crysknife made by the Fremen from sandworm fangs

– Liberator Survival Kit

– There is a shield switch

-Custom designed Arrakis desert shaped platform and character name plate

Official price: 1480 yuan

Estimated shipping: Q1 2024

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