Enhancing quarantine measures… Refrain from business trips – Ban on eating out to ‘Milkit year-end party’ (comprehensive)

Industry Team = The government announced on the 3rd a plan to strengthen quarantine measures aimed at reducing the number of people allowed for private meetings and expanding the ‘Quarantine Pass’ to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the new mutant Omicron. Major companies are also raising the level of in-house quarantine guidelines one after another.

In a situation where the surge in domestic confirmed cases and the outbreak of Omicron mutation overlapped, companies that were closely monitoring the situation are immediately taking measures such as limiting overseas business trips, bans on business meetings, and expanding telecommuting.

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According to the industry, Samsung Electronics[005930]Immediately after the government’s announcement of strengthening quarantine guidelines on the same day, it announced measures such as limiting overseas business trips, bans on drinking parties, limiting private gatherings as much as possible, and suspending indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as in-house fitness.

In particular, the permitted scope of business trips was limited to ‘managementally essential business trips’, and the procedure was changed to allow only when the approval of the business division was low. In particular, travel to nine countries where Omicron’s first mutation occurred, such as South Africa, was completely banned.

Hyundai Motor[005380]The company also delivered reinforced in-house quarantine guidelines to employees on the same day.

According to the new guidelines, from the 6th, the maximum number of people allowed for training, meetings and seminars will be reduced from 50 to 30. In addition, telecommuting under the jurisdiction of the team leader will be expanded.

In addition, the use of lounges inside the company is restricted. Not only Hyundai, but also Kia, a member of the same group.[000270]It is also expected to strengthen internal guidelines to a similar level.

Hyundai/Kia office building

picture explanationHyundai/Kia office building

LG Group affiliates will implement strengthened special quarantine guidelines, such as raising the ratio of telecommuting from 30% to over 40% from the 6th. The number of people in meetings and group training was reduced to 20 or less and the number of events to 30 or less, and the number of participants was limited to those who completed vaccination.

The Hanwha Group has also strengthened some of its quarantine guidelines, such as converting in-house meetings to video and bans gatherings.

In addition, it was decided to make it compulsory for the number of people to work from home to 30% or more by department, and to allow domestic and foreign business trips only when it is unavoidable.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group plans to increase the proportion of telecommuting from 30% to 50% and extend the staggered commuting system (7-10 am) until the end of this month.

In addition, face-to-face meetings were to be avoided as much as possible, but in unavoidable cases, it was decided to allow fewer than 10 people.

Doosan Group also announced a new internal quarantine guideline on the same day, recommending that non-essential personnel work from home, refrain from business trips at home and abroad, and ban gatherings.

LS Group has canceled all year-end in-house dinners and is reviewing additional guidelines for each affiliate.

Offer a meal kit instead of a dinner party

picture explanationOffer a meal kit instead of a dinner party

Some companies have replaced year-end gatherings such as year-end parties with meal kits.

GS Co., Ltd., the holding company of GS Group, decided to minimize dinner parties by replacing year-end gatherings with meal kits.

GS Co., Ltd. is the home of 40 executives and employees, and GS Retail is worth 40,000 to 50,000 won per person.[007070] We plan to deliver a ‘Simply Cook’ brand meal kit.

An official from GS Co., Ltd. said, “In consideration of the spread of COVID-19, such as the occurrence of mutations in Omicron, instead of having a year-end gathering, we considered cooking different foods with family members to enjoy a meal with a milk kit.”

Companies that have strengthened guidelines in advance before the change in the government’s quarantine measures are also considering whether to further strengthen them.

While closely monitoring the situation, SK is advising its employees to actively use telecommuting and refrain from non-face-to-face meetings and private gatherings. In addition, as the government’s detailed quarantine measures are decided, they will be adjusted accordingly.

Omicron mutation fashion

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