[Fflach Newyddion]Nagao Seisakusho, rear storage holder monitor attached to VESA mount – PC Watch


Nagao Seisakusho Co, Ltd will release “NB-VESAHOLD200” and “NB-VESAHOLD400” on the 28th, which have storage on the back of the monitor. The former is 212mm, the latter 425mm, and the width of the storage compartment is different.

Both are products that allow storage space to be provided on the back of the monitor by mounting it on a VESA mount. It is said to be suitable for storing external HDDs, mini computers, keyboards, etc. Depth can be adjusted between approximately 40-82mm.

DS-VESAHOLD400. Both can be fitted with 120mm fans.

In addition, “NB-VS7510-SLIDE”, which can adjust the location of the VESA mounting hole by attaching it to the back of the monitor, will be released on the same day. The actual retail price is expected to be around 2,860 yen.



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