France Pfizer approved for use in adults for COVID-19 treatment

French health authorities have approved the use of Pfizer’s new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) treatment Paxrovid.

The Higher Health Administration (HAS) approved the drug on the 21st (local time) for adult COVID-19 patients who are not on a ventilator, but who are at high risk of developing severe, the daily Le Figaro reported.

Paxrovid, taken 3 tablets daily for 5 days, is for the elderly, immunocompromised, or patients suffering from rare diseases, and it is recommended to be taken within 5 days after showing symptoms of infection.

According to Pfizer’s clinical trial results, if the drug was taken within three days of symptom onset, the risk of hospitalization and death decreased by 89%, and if taken within five days, the chance dropped to 85%.

In addition, it was analyzed that the omicron mutation had the same effect.

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