From business closure to recovery, support of 146.4 billion KRW in Hope Return Package

The Ministry of Small and Medium Businesses and Startups announced on the 29th that it will carry out the Hope Return Package project at a scale of 146.4 billion won. The budget increased by 26% compared to the previous year. It is a project to overcome the crisis of small business owners and to revive small business owners who have closed their business. There are a total of four programs according to the phases of small business management crisis, business closure, and revival.

For small business owners experiencing business crises such as a drop in sales, the business situation is accurately analyzed through on-site diagnosis by experts, and education or commercialization is linked and supported in according to the results.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Small and Medium Businesses and Startups is also recruiting a leading agency to execute the project on site by the 10th of next month.

Reporter Geunil Yoo

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