Home Business Government Savings Bank invites you to use the right to suspend debt before the expiration date of August 30

Government Savings Bank invites you to use the right to suspend debt before the expiration date of August 30

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August 22, 2021 – 16:23

Government Savings Bank invites retail debtors and restaurant and hotel business operators to use the right to suspend debts for up to 6 months before the end of August 30

Mr. Withai Ratanakorn, President of Government Savings Bank, revealed that according to the Bank has issued a moratorium on debt repayment for retail loan customers. and restaurant business operators, hotels, resorts, guesthouses, serviced apartments Affected by measures to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 by suspending both principal and interest payments for up to 6 installments starting from July-Dec. Intent to join the debt moratorium and there are people who are interested in taking measures continuously But there are still some debtors. who have not yet exercised the right to moratorium on debt under this measure The moratorium will help in the matter of enhancing liquidity. and prevent the debtor from becoming a bad debt (NPL) that will affect borrowing in the future including reducing the burden of expenses during the period of lack of income or uncertain income therefore invites those who have not yet notified the request to suspend debt repayment Please hurry to use the right. before the expiration date is August 30, 2021.

In this regard, the measures to moratorium on debt repayment for retail loan customers Who has a loan limit of not more than 200,000 baht and does not use securities as collateral for those who are affected, resulting in termination of business, layoffs, lack of income, etc., etc. (except civil servants and state enterprise employees) can check their rights in the MyMo app and press do Items as soon as the menu appears to hold the principal and interest payments. For those who don’t have the MyMo app but have a debit card. The MyMo app can be manually downloaded and activated using debit card information. which will be convenient to request a suspension of debt without having to travel to contact the bank branch As for the debt moratorium on restaurants, hotels, resorts, guesthouses, serviced apartments that are SMEs credit customers with a 250 million baht loan limit, contact to join the measure at bank branches. For more information, please contact GSB Contact Center at 1115.

In addition, debt moratorium measures by suspending installment payments to a maximum of 6 installments starting from July – December 2021 after the end of the repayment period to return to pay the installment according to the original conditions by the principal and interest on hold Will be included in the final installment of the loan agreement or agreement made with the bank. It is not a default and does not affect the customer’s credit profile. Including no default interest and any penalties

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