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“Happy birthday to coach Ferguson! You’ve given me and my dad a very good baby. We watched the Champions League final together. In May 1999, we played at 3 am in Singapore. And in October of the same year, my father passed away. . I always remember the time we had together. You gave me the best moments with my dad. Happy birthday.”
– Michael Liu, Singapore

“At the age of 9, when my health was not so good, you sent me a letter of courage. And there was advice to listen carefully to the advice of doctors. There was also a message that all members of the club wish me good health. . And 23 years later, that belief has not changed. I graduated from medical school and turned 31. You gave me courage and gave me the faith to never give up. Thank you.”
– Kieran scandal, UK

“I’m having a Manchester United fan get-together in Edinburgh. And I’ve met a lot of good people. I met Ferguson at the recent unveiling of the Dennis Law statue in Aberdeen. We talked and asked him what he liked best about Edinburgh. The typical answer was ‘M8 Highway and Glasgow!’ Happy 80th birthday to the Legend!”
– Peter Wood, England

“Happy birthday to the best manager on earth. Without you, I would not have been able to fall in love with beautiful football.”
– Christopher Adamako, Ghana

“Congratulations on your 80th birthday. I commend you for what you’ve accomplished. Every time I’ve been going through a difficult time, Manchester United’s matches have been a huge boost for me! Mostly won! Have a great time with you, your family and friends! “
– Stuart Mayer, England



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