Haven’t stopped yet! North Korea fires two more missiles into the sea for the sixth time this month

North Korea fires a probable test Two “short-range ballistic missiles” crashed into the sea off the east coast this morning, the sixth missile test this month.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said the army detected the launch of two ballistic missiles at 8 a.m. local time near the east coast city of Hamhung. The missile has a range of about 190 km and has a maximum flight ceiling of 20 km.

Nobuo Kishi, Minister of Defense of Japan The two missiles appeared to have landed in the sea outside Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), while Prime Minister Fumio Kishida cautioned that If Ginseng tests a real ballistic missile, it’s a matter. It is “extremely disappointing” and also violates UN Security Council resolutions.

North Korea vows to step up its defenses from the US ready to threaten to consider reviving “Activities temporarily suspended”, which is believed to mean long-range ballistic missile testing. and nuclear weapons that have been on hiatus since four years ago.

Pyongyang just fired two cruise missiles into the sea. On Tuesday and earlier it tested tactical guided missiles, “hypersonic” missiles that can accelerate and change direction. including a missile system mounted on a mobile train

“The regime (Kim Jong Un) continues to develop an incredible variety of weapons. despite having limited resources and face serious economic problems,” commented Lief-Eric Easley, a professor of international affairs at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul.

Easley believes that some tests are aimed at developing new potential. especially in the field of maneuvering missile defense systems while other times Maybe just want to show readiness and versatility. The versatility of the missile forces that North Korea already has.

“Some observers see where the North Korean government frequently fires missiles is to call attention But in fact Pyongyang is very dedicated to what they see as an arms race with Seoul,” Easley said.

Han Tae Seong, Ambassador of North Korea to the United Nations in Geneva Speaking at a UN-sponsored disarmament meeting on Tuesday, the United States has launched hundreds of joint exercises and sent high-tech equipment to South Korea. and bringing strategic nuclear weapons into the region

“This is a serious threat to our security,” Han said.

US President Joe Biden has signed sanctions on several North Korean and Russian organizations and officials this month. claiming to have contributed to North Korea’s nuclear program While China and Russia exercise “Vito” rights to prevent the United States. Pushing for UN sanctions resolution against five North Koreans

Mark Lambert, US Assistant Secretary of State The Japan and South Korean affairs side said on Wednesday that Washington had “no conditions” in talks with North Korea. and is ready to meet and discuss with North Korean officials “anywhere and on any issue”.

source: Reuters



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