In October, adult work is limited to “Toba Honeymoon Island” and “H Secret of Hide and Seek” DLsite free for a limited time | 4 Gamers

DLsite released a one-month time-limited game for adults in early October This month’s free games are the CG illustration collections of “Honey Island Sweet Sister Toba” and “H Secret of Hide and Seek” till to claim the game and download art collection.

An old work released by the Norn/Miel/Cybele club in 2010 is “Sweet Sister Toba’s Honeymoon Island” (Toba とハネムーン爱ランド). and went south for their honeymoon to have a child.


“H Secret of Hide and Seek” (ヒミツのかくれんぼエッチ) is a collection of adult illustrations released by the Sage Society in 2015, with 11 basic CGs, including more than 230 differences.

The free download period of the above works only ends at 13:59 pm on October 31, Taiwan time. After receiving them, you can download them freely and save them forever.


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