Joseon lover Lee Yong-sik is totally against his daughter Lee Soo-min’s marriage… What’s the real deal?

The much talked about ‘NEW Lover’ Lee Soo-min will appear in the ‘Joseon Lover’ studio. Sumin Lee’s surprise visit made me excited as if I had met the main characters of the drama, 5MC Park Soo-hong, Park Kyung-rim, Choi Seong-guk, Oh Na-mi, and Lim Ra.

In TV Chosun’s ‘Lovers of Joseon’, broadcast on the 30th, ‘Mr. They both wanted to get married, but Lee Su-min’s father, Lee Yong-sik, the ‘original daughter-in-law’, refused to even meet his daughter’s boyfriend. In the last episode, after the broadcast was recorded, the ‘on the spot’ situation where Won Hyuk and Lee Yong-sik, who came to pick up Lee Su-min, almost met in underground car park, raising expectations for the first meeting of the two men.

As for his father Lee Yong-sik, who said that even the word “love” is “stimulating,” he did not want to hear it, Lee Su-min was frustrated, saying, “I would rather meet with him first and give him a negative evaluation.” Despite his father’s refusal, he applied for appearances in ‘The Lover of Joseon’, but Lee Soo-min said, “I pushed for the appearance, and my father’s expression made it very difficult for me. ”

However, Lee Yong-sik, who met the production team of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ without a daughter, told a story that he had not confided to anyone. In particular, when Lee Yong-sik revealed his true heart against his daughter’s marriage, Lee Soo-min, who was watching the VCR, shouted up a storm and asked to stop recording, and even the MCs so excited that they shed tears. .

Lee Yong-sik’s inner thoughts about his daughter Lee Soo-min, whom no one knew, and whether Lee Yong-sik would have succeeded in meeting Won-hyeok, her daughter’s boyfriend whom he met for only ‘3 seconds ‘ for two years, airing on Monday the 30th at 10:00 pm on Chosun’s real TV documentary ‘Lovers of Joseon’ is revealed.

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