JR East announces new IC card “Suica Light” No deposit required & with balance expiration –Engadget Japanese version


JR East has announced a new IC card “Suica Light”.

“Suica Light” is an IC card designed for use in transportation subsidy projects for local governments.

It can be used for up to 6 months without a deposit of 500 yen. We do not accept refunds or reissues of the charge balance.

Like ordinary Suica, it can be used on railroads, buses, etc. in areas subject to mutual use nationwide, and can also be used as electronic money at stores, taxis, tourist facilities, etc.

As for the sales channel, as mentioned above, it is assumed that it will be used for transportation expenses subsidy projects of local governments and short-term group trips such as school trips, so it will not be sold to the general public, but for corporations such as local governments and travel agencies. Only.

This “Suica Light” has already been decided to be adopted in the “Yotsukaido Hometown Taste Delivery Support Project” in Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture.

In this project, “Suica Light” is a special product of the city for students aged 18 to 25 who are from Yotsukaido City and live outside Chiba Prefecture, where it is difficult to return home due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection. Goods will be distributed from the end of January.

Source: JR East Japan



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