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New news with a bright smile… full return
First K-pop girl group to perform at Tokyo Dome in Japan
Discord, member vacancy, 7 years of events

Kara / Picture = Ten Asia DB

The Kara group is back. 7 years of separation from the fans. The news alone raises expectations.

All five members are active. Transformed into an actor or entertainer, he looks for viewers through television. Appearance of members from time to time. This is why fans feel very nostalgic for KARA.

It is a group that once introduced a new paradigm in the idol industry. KARA members returned as veterans. It does not return fully. Vacant seat of the late Goo Hara. The members dream of another leap forward with the burden of being absent.

On the 18th, the agency RBW announced the news of Kara’s comeback. KARA is a ‘legend group’ that has hit songs like ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Mr.’, ‘Honey’, and ‘Lupin’ one after the other. In particular, they were the first K-pop girl group to hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

This return is meaningful because it is a complete group. They made a full comeback in 2015. Seven years have passed through training alone. For a long time it was a turn. A rumor that caused misunderstanding and speculation, and sad news from member Goo Hara.

The late Goo Hara / Photo = Ten Asia DB

The late Goo Hara / Photo = Ten Asia DB

KARA was embroiled in many rumors as much as she was popular. 2011 was the year of peak popularity. Members Han Seung-yeon, Nicole, and Kang Ji-young filed a lawsuit to confirm the absence of an exclusive contract with their former agency DSP Media regarding the distribution of profits.

After that, the lawsuit continued to close, but it didn’t last. KARA withdrew activities due to one lawsuit. The members focused on their individual activities. The ‘discord’ also held their ankles.

The members suffered from untimely discord. In connection with the group’s disbandment, Goo Hara said, “Since we were active in Korea and Japan, we were sensitive to each other and didn’t have time to talk. As a result, there was a little misunderstanding between us. But now we have cleared up all the misunderstandings.”

However, netizens’ doubts remained. A photo that Kang Ji-young posted on her personal SNS also caused controversy. Suspicion of the shooting of the late Goo Hara, who was the victim of an “assault controversy” at the time, in a picture of popcorn. Kang Ji-young said, “There were no rumors of a feud with KARA members. There are still group chats. We can’t see each other because we’re busy, but we keep in touch.”

There was will, but no motivation. The crucial reason for the members to gather was Goo Hara. My relationship with my ex-boyfriend, Mr. Choi, was a problem. Goo Hara sued Choi for assault, illegal filming and video threats. Afterwards, he resumed his activities, but chose to say goodbye to himself.

Kara united after Goo Hara’s sad news. The members who got together on every birthday of Goo Hara. Each time, by tagging Goo Hara’s SNS account, Kara confirmed that there were 6 members.

KARA is coming back with many years of maturity. 7 years of misunderstanding and speculation. In the end, it was the name ‘KARA’ and the waiting of the fans that connected them. The members returned with happy smiles. It makes us look forward to seeing you on stage.

Correspondent Jun-ho Yoon, Tenasia [email protected]

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