‘Kim Gun-hee 7 hours recording’ What is it… People’s Power, MBC and YouTube broadcasts apply for injunction

picture explanationOn the morning of the 14th, floor leaders including People’s Strength floor leader Kim Ki-hyun are visiting MBC in protest while MBC predicted that it would report the recording of a 7-hour phone call recorded by Kim Gun-hee, wife of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. [사진 = 국회사진기자단]

People’s Power announced on the 14th that it had applied for an injunction against broadcasting against the person who recorded the phone call with Kim Gun-hee, the spouse of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, and his YouTube channel. The People’s Power obtained the transcript and filed a request for an injunction to ban broadcasting the day before to MBC, which is preparing to report it.

Lee Yang-soo, senior spokesperson for the People’s Strength Ancestral Headquarters, said on the same day, “The Seoul Central District Court yesterday applied for an injunction against Lee, who illegally recorded a private conversation (with Kim Geon-hee), and the YouTube broadcasts Seoul’s Voice and Open Sympathy TV, which were colluded with it. “He said. He continued, “Lee approached Kim Gun-hee by lying for the purpose of illegally recording from the beginning, and secretly recorded from the first call to the end under the guise of a private conversation.”

He pointed out, “Just because[Lee]introduced himself as a reporter at the first meeting, it cannot be said that this method is a normal coverage area for freedom of the press.” He continued, “Yesterday, an Open Sympathy TV official said, “Yesterday, Lee published an article saying that Open Sympathy TV was misleading as a rice cake to buy Kim Gun-hee’s favor. We shared with TV and expressed our position that we adjusted the timing of the explosion according to Candidate Yoon’s approval rating.”

Chief Spokesperson Lee said, “If the coverage was normal, a reporter from Open Empathy TV or a media company would ask questions and write a transcript while revealing the direction of coverage on each call,” he said. He added, “It’s a shameful act to set a topic and induce some radical remarks and then call it an interview.”

Members of the People’s Power and Defense and Culture Committee, including floor leader Kim Ki-hyeon, obtained the transcript on the same day and made a protest visit to MBC, which was preparing to report it. They were blocked for a while by civic groups and broadcasting officials who were opposed to the MBC protest visit. In front of the main gate of MBC, floor leader Kim said, “I came through the legal process to protest the biased broadcasting and unfair broadcasting, but there are a lot of people who are ignoring the law and using violence and blocking the way.” Are you going to hide in a secret room without hearing the protests and try to broadcast?” he said.

Rep. Park Seong-joong, secretary of the National Assembly’s overdefense people’s power, also said, “What we are taking issue with is a violation of the right to voice guaranteed by the first constitution, and that the second presidential election is just around the corner.” On this day, People’s Power lawmakers raised signs such as ‘Stop biased broadcasting’ and ‘Awaken MBC’s attempt to interfere in elections’.

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