“Kim Min-ji goes to Qatar to find her husband Park Ji-sung …”Korea~” with her children” – The Herald Economy

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[헤럴드경제=민성기 기자] Park Ji-sung’s wife, former publicist Kim Min-ji, revealed her current situation at the World Cup in Qatar.

On the 28th, Kim Min-ji posted a video with the caption, “Until the end, Republic of Korea!!!!!!”.

In the released video, Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji’s daughter shouted “Korea” at the venue of the Qatar 2022 World Cup match between Korea and Ghana.

Previously, Kim Min-ji expressed her concerns about Park Ji-sung, who is active in Qatar as an SBS commentator. She left a message saying, “My husband had a lot of hoarseness during the 4th broadcast in a row. Someone in Qatar needs some warm water…”. In addition, he contacted Park Ji-sung’s partner, Bae Seong-jae, and asked for warm water. Since then, Kim Min-ji’s recent visit to Qatar is drawing attention.

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On the 30th, Kim Min-ji posted a photo along with an article titled, “What the broadcasters do on their days off: watch football, talk while eating: talk about football.”

The published photo shows Park Ji-sung, who is currently staying in Qatar due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In particular, in the picture, Park Ji-sung was watching football with the caster Seong-jae Bae and Ji-hyeon Jang, even though he was on vacation, drew attention.

Meanwhile, Park Ji-sung and Kim Min-ji got married in 2014 and have one daughter and one son. The family currently lives in England.

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