Klopp: Real Madrid didn’t feel nervous when 0-2 down

Original title: Klopp: Real Madrid didn’t feel nervous when 0-2 down

Klopp: Real Madrid didn’t feel nervous when 0-2 down

Live Broadcast, February 25th Liverpool coach Klopp received an exclusive interview with Sky Sports and spoke about the club’s situation.

Klopp said: “In the games against Newcastle and Everton, the performance of the team has improved, and the opening against Real Madrid has also gone further. We hope to face super teams, but we are very involved in the game , and very nervous, scoring two goals which was great Then we conceded one and other things were obviously not so consistent Losing 2-5 is obviously not cool at all but in football it can happen Yes. They’re not nervous about being two goals down, can you count the teams that don’t worry when they’re 2-0 down?”

“They did that last year against Manchester City, PSG and Chelsea. Three times, depending on the games they were playing, they were almost knocked out except for the last five minutes. In the end, they won the Champions League and that’s Real Madrid. Our task now is to look back at our mistakes and learn from them. That was my task on Saturday and the world can see in the game whether it worked or not .”

“I like the squad, but we can’t judge them without looking at the results. If there weren’t so many forwards last season, if the previous seasons hadn’t been so successful, we would have changed a lot more. Yes, that’s normal. But because of the success we’ve had, especially last year, with a short break over the summer, we couldn’t do a major overhaul because you couldn’t do autographs. In the last day or two, except for Luis – Dias and Thiago are there, except for the goalkeeper, we have a 26-man lineup. The lineup is not dense enough, and with so many injuries, it is difficult for us to achieve results. every team improves the lineup, so are ours.”

“Obviously, after such a long period, the team will have some difficulties, and the team is not just one goal. I know it can happen, but at the moment you can’t be absolutely sure.. .this season is going to be very turbulent, a big part of it is because the World Cup is in the middle of the season.And our biggest problem is injuries, if you don’t have momentum at a certain point, why do you need A tough goal, along with players who are back from injury After Van Dijk is back from injury, people are talking about his quality, which is very interesting Many players have this problem. I know we need change, we will have clarity in the target summer.”

“It’s different because my energy was there in Mainz and Dortmund. I was in Mainz for 18 years, seven and a half of them as a manager and it was just time for me to go somewhere else. Problem. When I said to Mainz: ‘If the club doesn’t get promoted, I will leave.’ I realized it wasn’t just about upgrading, the club needed something new and I wanted something new. But I didn’t have anything and it wasn’t: ‘ what I have to work on, in the end we didn’t get promoted, and then I got a job again, but I didn’t feel like I was on holiday.”

“Dortmund’s situation is also different, our situation is not good. Some things are common, but not exactly the same. The team has grown together, but we also need to make some changes. I think Do something, he could have stayed, no one wants me to leave, but it would take a big change in the team. You can’t do it in a year, but after a few years, I’m not anymore, not because I’m loyal to the players, because I want to do something else.”

“I’m here now and I don’t want to do anything else, we’ve had a great experience, I’ve been here for seven years and that’s where I want to be. But that doesn’t mean other people won’t do decision, They might say to me: ‘You love it here, but you need to get out.’ It’s possible. But as long as it doesn’t happen, I don’t think it’s like my previous experience, because it’s not quite the same. But we need to make a change, and we will make a change .”

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