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Lee Young-ja, tasting the smelly fried chicken testicles is too soft (‘War of the Swords’)[MD리뷰]

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[마이데일리 = 박윤진 기자] Chicken testicles appeared as ingredients.

In the third episode of LG HelloVision/tvN STORY’s ‘War of the Sword’, which was broadcast on the 22nd, there was a cooking competition between the masters of eight provinces under the theme of ‘100-year food’. Actress Go Eun-ah was active as a special MC.

The white team Seoul masters took out ‘rooster testicles’ as a food ingredient along with sulfur chicken as a secret weapon to keep their victory in the rematch with the black team Jeolla masters. Do Kyung-wan said, “You eat it?” When I was surprised, Go Eun-ah couldn’t take her eyes off her, saying, “I’m actually seeing it for the first time.”

When the master explained that the smell was bad, Chan-won Lee said, “I’ll smell it myself. It can be fragrant if I take good care of it.” .

A Seoul master reproduced Korea’s first chicken poultry that was placed on King Sejong’s Sura as a food ingredient, and a Jeolla master fought with a wolmae table served with quail soup.

A Seoul master presented a stir-fry dish with chicken testicles, using sesame oil to remove the smell. Go Eun-ah said, “There is no objection to the appearance of pollack roe,” and after tasting it, “I sue”. Lee Young-ja also admired, saying, “It’s so soft.”

As a result of the big match between Seoul and Jeolla-do, Seoul won 6-3.

The white team, Gyeongsang-do master, reproduced Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s table using soft tofu, while the black team North Korean master used buckwheat to reproduce the poet Baek-seok’s table. As a result of the voting, the victory was won by a North Korean master.

[사진 = tvN STORY 방송 화면]

By Park Yoon-jin, staff reporter [email protected]

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