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[Newyddion Ffordd Chwaraeon]Hong Kong’s “Wonder Dad” Fu Jiajun scored the fifth stroke of his career with a perfect score of 147 degrees this afternoon (8th), defeated Higgins 6:5 in front of the home crowd, and advanced to the final of “Pool Master Hong Kong World 2022”. After the match, the Hong Kong general said frankly that he never thought he would be able to hit 147 degrees. He believes that it is very significant to get a full score and return in front of the home audience. “I’m so happy to be able to do something for the audience at home!”

Marco hits 147 degrees in the draw

Higgins is also happy for Marco

Fu Jiajun played 147 degrees in the deciding game and eventually defeated Higgins with a score of 6:5. After the game, the audience stood and applauded. Speaking about this perfect score, Marco said it was an unforgettable experience: “I didn’t think about it at all, because my previous experience in home games was that I didn’t play very well, and maybe the weight at home I was able to progress to 4 under normal conditions. Qiang has achieved his goal, so today he is calm, hoping to win a game and win a game. At that time, the most important thing was to pass the security line. Whether to play 147 or not depends on the layout of the stage, so there is a bit of luck, but it can be satisfied. “In the end, he hit 147 degrees for the fifth time in his career under the witness of the home audience Marco said bluntly: “I’m so happy to be able to do something for the home audience!”

The audience stood and applauded Marco

Marco expressed his feelings after defeating Shabi to advance to the top four the day before yesterday. He said that in the last 5 years, from the peak of his career to the subsequent experience of eye disease and the epidemic, which affected on its performance and results. , his confidence declined, and he even felt that he “doesn’t belong in the professional circle anymore” The victory was significant. Marco pointed out that he continued to play with a normal heart in this match. “John (Higgins) was in better shape than himself, so he never thought he would win just like when he played.” In the end, he successfully defeated the game. 6 best players again and have reached 147 degrees, Marco thinks This game is also meaningful, and I hope I can take advantage of the situation to regain my form and improve my performance: “How many opportunities have I played against a player so great in my home court? How many opportunities have I played for so many years? So I cherish every time, and hope to play better. Good, but I didn’t put pressure on myself to get results in a short period of time of time. All victories. Indeed, this time I do not intend to play well, but I have made a big step forward. The next three months are the key. , I hope to maintain the condition, and the Individual Ranking games are getting better and better.”

Fu Jiajun will compete for the championship at the Hong Kong Coliseum at 7 o’clock on Sunday night (9th), and the opponent will be O’Sullivan or Robertson. “Rocket” O’Sullivan and “Melbourne Machine” Robertson will play together tonight in another “Hong Kong World Pool Masters 2022” quarter-final, competing for a place in the final. The tournament will be a best of 11 match.

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Photo and text: He Ziyuan

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