Women should also do ‘aerobic exercise + strength training’ –

When women do physical training, they mainly focus on aerobic exercise, but if they do not do strength training, they may miss the effects of exercise such as fat burning. [사진=클립아트코리아]

a woman walking or runningcan often be seen. It is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate and burns calories is good. What if strength training was almost non-existent? “It’s a big mistake,” experts said unanimously. If you do aerobic exercise calorie consumptionI feel like I’m losing weight strength trainingshould do Fatsee the effect of burning ‘’ 5 reasons why you should do strength trainingpresent


build muscle and lose fat

barbell dumbbells, etc. muscleif you do lose weightit helps to According to a study at Pennsylvania State University in the United States, among those who lost 21 pounds (about 9.5 kg) through diet and exercise Cardiovascular exerciseOne person weighs 6 pounds (about 2.7 kg) muscle is reducedI heard there were people who were doing strength training Fatthis disappears muscleseem to have increased.

If you gain 3 pounds (about 1.4 kg) of muscle, you can burn an extra 120 calories a day. In the long run weight managementdo Cardiovascular exercisewith combined strength trainingYou need to lose fat and build muscle.


increase bone density

the doctors strength trainingsecond bone lossIt is recommended as the best way to prevent Women lose 2% of their bones each year as they get older. According to a research team at McMaster University in Canada, for a year muscle strengthening exercisesas a result of amount of vertebraeThis increased by 9%.

increase happiness

Physical educationIf you do Confidenceit sticks Strength training plays a vital role in mood regulation. endorphinsto come out constantly. Endorphins reduce stress euphoriaOne of the natural ways to increase


prevent disease

strength exercise is blood sugar controlby doing diabeteshelps prevent Also, if you exercise regularly, you can get rid of excess fat around the organs. cardiovascular diseaseto prevent Strengthening the muscles around the joint arthritiscaused by stiffnessclass paincan reduce Also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles. back pain symptoms discountcan do it

Improve posture

strength exercise is body balanceclass stabilityimprove your posture and improve your posture. When every muscle in your body becomes stronger and more efficient body posturealso comes nicely. Focus on aerobic exercise strength trainingmoney twice a week You can only see this effect.


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