Microsoft clashes over Activision acquisition… Sony widens gap

While Microsoft (MS) is in an all-out war to acquire Activision Blizzard (hereafter referred to as Activision), its competitor, Sony, is trying to widen the gap by entering new businesses such as launching new games and game consoles. hand, and strengthen existing businesses. The concern that Microsoft’s competitiveness could deteriorate significantly if it acquired Activision, which has a major global franchise, is analyzed.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) revealed a new program for release this year through the PlayStation Showcase. / SIE

According to the industry on the 26th, Sony recently announced games in development and access to new businesses.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) held the ‘Playstation Showcase’, an online new game presentation event, on the 25th and unveiled new games such as ▲Metal Gear Solid ▲Resident Evil ▲Dragon’s Dogma ▲Alan Wake ▲Arizona Sunshine. The new lineup released by SIE on the day also includes sequels to famous global franchises.

Along with this, we shared the news of three new multiplayer projects for PlayStation 5 and PC. Heaven Studio’s ‘Fair Game$’ and Firework Studio’s ‘Concorde’ debuted on the same day, and Arrowhead Game Studio’s new sci-fi co-op shooter ‘Helldiver 2’ will be released within the year. In addition, new games and indie games from key publishers such as Capcom, Electronic Arts (EA), Konami, and Square Enix were also introduced.

It also announced the release of ‘Project Q’, a mobile game console that allows users to enjoy streaming games via Wi-Fi. Recently, as global companies such as Steam, Asus, and Logitech have introduced handheld game consoles and started targeting new markets, Sony seems to have seriously entered the handheld game console business. Previously, Sony also revealed its will to strengthen its ‘PlayStation Now’ cloud game service.

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of SIE, said, “We have aggressive plans for cloud gaming, which we will reveal in the future.”

The industry is analyzing that Sony’s move is to keep Microsoft in check. If Microsoft successfully completes the acquisition of Activision, it can quickly secure a position in the global game market, so it must be protected before then.

If Microsoft acquires Activision as planned, users who used global franchise games such as Call of Duty and Diablo are very likely to move to the MS Xbox console platform and PC game subscription service ‘Xbox Game Pass’. This can have a significant impact on expanding its position in the global game market and Microsoft’s overall performance.

“Sony has been strongly opposed to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision,” said an industry insider.

Reporter Song Ga-young