New White Color Appears in Scorpion Ultimate Gaming Chair[GeeScorpion]! Black sale also going on! — Funglr Games

A comfortable gaming chair, not only for gaming, but also for office work and video watching. rnAll manufacturers sell comfortable gaming chairs in a variety of materials and shapes so that the seat can be chosen to suit your preferences. rnBecause it is meant to be a “chair”, “GeeScorpion” stands out among gaming chairs without many distinctive shapes. rnIn Japan, Gloture Co, Ltd released it in March 2022, and as the name suggests, it has become a big talking point with its unique shape reminiscent of a scorpion and a futuristic feel that letting you sit on the purposeful implementation of everything. controller. rnThe price at the time of release is 657,800 yen (tax included), which has great influence. So far, “GeeScorpion” is only available in black, but the long-awaited new white is now on sale!

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