No parking in front of the ‘Children’s Protection Area’… “I agree with the purpose, but”


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Starting today, it is completely forbidden to park a car in a ‘child protection area’.

If you are caught stopping your car, you will have to pay a fine of 120,000 won, three times more than before.

Of course, I agree with the purpose, but many parents with young children responded that it was difficult.

Reporter Hong Eui-pyo covered the scene.

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This morning, in front of an elementary school in Seoul.

A black car stops in front of the school gate for a moment, and a child with a backpack gets out of the car.

They even park their cars at the crosswalk in front of the school.

There are countless cars that stop to get their children to school like this, and there are cars that are just parked.

However, starting today, such parking is prohibited in children’s sanctuaries.

If caught, the fine will be three times higher than before, and a passenger car will have to pay 120,000 won and a van will have to pay 130,000 won.

The police and the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to intensively crack down on the commute to and from school, and to increase the number of unmanned surveillance cameras to more than 50 every year.

This is a special measure to reduce traffic accidents in children’s sanctuaries that occur every year around 500.

Parents are in an awkward mood.

There’s nowhere to park, and it’s hard to pick up the kids during busy commutes.


“If we completely ban (parking and stopping), it would be difficult for parents who pick up or drop off in the morning, because there is no alternative.”

Parents who attend remote kindergartens or daycare centers are more concerned.


“I didn’t know (they were subject to crackdown). This is a daycare center, so I can’t do anything because I live so far away.”

Some measures have been taken.

A ‘safe boarding and disembarking area’ is provided to temporarily stop the car for commuting to and from school.

It is a place that is designated by the local government by the daycare center or the school for students who are long-distance commuting students or students who need parental help.

In the case of Seoul, such safe boarding and disembarking zones will be installed in 201 out of 1,700 child protection zones by the beginning of next month.

The police and the Seoul Metropolitan Government requested cooperation as much as possible even if there is some inconvenience as the law was revised for safety, and said that they would gradually increase the safe boarding and disembarking area.

This is Eui-pyo Hong from MBC News.

Video coverage: Lee Jong-hyuk / Video editing: Kim Ga-ram

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