Oh hey…about Taylor Swift and Pad Thai turning out to be a flip case!

Oh hey…about Taylor Swift and Pad Thai turning into a twisted lawsuit!

After a few days ago, a news issue about a famous American beautiful artist like Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) had taken pictures of Pad Thai, a famous Thai food as the cover of the song Lover. It became an unfaithful criticism of Thai netizens along the way

But lately, it seems that many cases have been reversed and money people. Behind the page famous Drama-addict Reveal the latest update that

That was the news three or four days ago, taylor swift said to put on the cover of the song as a picture of pad thai (on the love song) to promote Thai softpower.

There are media to check the news. In short, it’s a misunderstanding that the channel is not Tae’s vevo, but the YouTube channel he created for all singers. As for the clip that is auto-generated (Means it is created automatically) from YouTube. YouTube will pick an image to go with the song and then pick something wrong. There is Pad Thai, Tom Yum Kung. As for the official website and in spotify, it’s a normal love song cover. It is a photo that is sold in Shutterstock.com

Oh, I thought it was a sign that she might come and hold a concert in Thailand again.

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