Pollen dispersion forecast There are many days when it can be stopped to “slightly high” over the weekend March 23 (Thursday) to 28 (Tuesday) – Weather News

2023/03/22 17:30 Weather news

We will tell you the weather news pollen forecast for tomorrow, March 23 (Thursday) to 28 (Tuesday).

A temporary delay in large-scale pollen dispersal


From now on, cloudy and rainy weather is expected to continue due to the influence of the front, and the number of days will be limited to “somewhat heavy” over the weekend.

However, in northern Kyushu, cedar pollen has passed its peak and cypress pollen has moved to the top. People with cypress pollen also need to be careful.

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Tomorrow, rain is forecast to be widespread from western Japan to eastern Japan, mainly on the Pacific side.

In the Kanto, Kyushu, Chugoku, and Shikoku regions, the forecast ranges from “a lot” to “very much.”

When going out, it is essential to take thorough measures against pollen, such as masks and eye drops. Also, it seems good to take the laundry after removing the pollen before taking it in.
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◆ Cedar pollen peaks at the end of March


Peak forecast of a spread of cedar and cypress

North Kyushu has already passed the cedar pollen peak.
In the Kanto and Kinki areas, there will still be a lot of cedar spreading until the end of March, but it is expected to pass the peak soon.
In Hokuriku and southern Tohoku, cedar pollen dispersion is expected to peak in early April.

Cypress pollen season has started from northern Kyushu, and although a lot of cedar pollen is still scattered in the Kanto region and the Pacific side of western Japan, it seems that cypress pollen is starting to disperse bit by bit.

From the end of March to the middle of April, we expect to reach the peak of cypress pollen dispersal mainly in western and eastern Japan. If the temperature remains high, the peak may be earlier than expected, so be careful if you are sensitive to cypress pollen.

In Hokkaido, where white birch pollen spreads, it is expected to peak around Golden Week in southern and central Hokkaido, and in mid-May in northern and eastern Hokkaido.


It will be in a high pressure area over the 28th (Tuesday), and the sun will reach you. The temperature is rising, and it will be sunny in the spring.

From around March 1 (Wednesday), the weather is expected to go downhill as the front passes from the Sea of ​​Japan, and rain is expected to fall in many places.

After the low pressure system has passed, the cold air will move south, but it will be temporary, and it is expected that there will be more days with high temperatures in the second half of the week.

The amount of cedar pollen that has been spread can increase suddenly on the day after it rains, on days when the temperature rises, and on days when the wind blows strongly.

Cedar pollen has already been seriously dispersed in Kyushu, Kanto, Chugoku-Shikoku, and parts of the Tokai region, but the area where pollen has been dispersed will expand even further in the second half of the week, and It is possible that it will become a full dispersion in areas where the pollen has already started Mae natur.

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