President’s Office “Fix Minister Lee Sang-min, we must make a decision after clarifying the truth”

Regarding the proposal to dismiss Minister Lee Sang-min from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, which was dealt with only by the opposition yesterday, the President’s Office expressed its position that ‘a decision must be made after the truth be covered’.

Deputy Speaker Lee Jae-myeong of the President’s Office said in a briefing session this afternoon, “A request for dismissal was notified by the National Assembly this morning to the government.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “For the victims and their bereaved families, the most important thing is to confirm the truth and discover the location of legal responsibility.” “The scope of the state’s legal responsibility must be set and clearly so. that the state can properly compensate the bereaved family.”

When asked if that meant he would not accept the dismissal offer, an official in the presidential office rebutted, saying, “I believe it is a misreading of the president’s position to decide whether to accept or not.”

At the same time, he emphasized repeatedly, “True consideration and protection for the bereaved family is to clarify the location of legal responsibility by finding clear facts,” and “to do this, investigations and investigations of state affairs will be carried out.”

On the surface, he did not say that he would not accept the offer to dismiss, but in the passport, the response shows how the minister can be held accountable for dismissing the arrest warrant for field leaders such as Yongsan Police Chief Lee Im-jae.


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