Retroactive firmware is up! “Kao Jirayu” took the position of lead singer to perform with the band in Taiwan.

After Nap-Chanatta Saisila announced his retirement from Retrospect, all 3 members Not-Thanapol Srikanchana (guitar), Bomb-Noppawat Kachacheewa (bass) and Bert-Sutthiphan Sang Yuth (drums) have taken a break of playing music. Before revealing the clip that they have returned to practice for a live performance in the past 2 years, and recently it was announced that the band will perform at the Kaohsiung Music Festival on December 17, 2022 and that it has Kao-Jirayu Laong. headliner of the event.

by the way, the band has posted a photo of Nine with the message “We would like to introduce our special guest vocalist for our upcoming show in Taiwan. KAO – HOST-PROSPECT LIVE IN KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN 2022!! Our first post for two years. with the music festival in Taiwan this time we had a special singer, Kao Jirayu, who frankly said that the band had fun throughout the rehearsal and are looking forward to this collaboration. In the tour this will be “There is no agreement yet” at all, will there be further collaboration or not? Nobody knows.”

And on the band’s page, there was now a message saying, “If the fans listen and see this collaboration, then think that the band and nine are suitable to work together. Do not forget to continue cheering too, but certainly, at least the Timing of the tour and stage performances in this round. He will be a full part of Retrospect as the “lead singer” I hope you will honor him and give him the warm welcome you have always given to another Retrospect. After this event, where else than will? Where will the band go? Support and follow us as always. For those conveniently or already in Taiwan, we’ll see you at the Kaohsiung Music Center at MIK on December 17, 2022.”

In the past, Kao Jirayu is another artist who has shown his love for rock and metal music through his work. and before he used to sing “without you” of the band Retrospective in the list cry over the wall Until he received praise from many people and had previously attended the rehearsal with the Retrospect band as well, while the Retrospect band had performed in Taiwan. Calon-Tref Festival 2014 including the concert Post-spect living in Taiwan in 2015

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