‘Rice Planting Club’ ♥ Kim Mi-ryeo, Jeong Seong-yoon “I lived in abstinence for a year because of hair loss”

The cast members of the ‘Rice Planting Club’ perform a beautiful Tikitaka with hair loss talk.

In the 9th episode of MBN-LG HelloVision’s joint entertainment program ‘Rice Planting Club’, which will be broadcast on the 1st, Jeong Sung-yoon, Kim Mi-ryeo, Satire, Kim Seung-hyun, and Moon Soo -in appears and reveals various concerns and chapters to create a fun conversation.

Jung Sung-yoon, who has been experiencing hair loss for 17 years, reveals all the methods he has tried to prevent hair loss. He piques the curiosity of the cast members with an unusual experience of “I lived a celibate life for a year.”

When asked about the reason for appearing on the ‘Rice Planting Club’, the satirical YouTuber, who is emerging as a trend, said, “It’s a show I have to appear on” and it’s n admit a shocking experience.

Actor Kim Seung-hyun, as a newcomer, expresses his concerns about gray hair. Concerned that he might have inherited his father’s hair, many sympathize with him, but team leader Kim Gwang-gyu sighs and fails to acknowledge his concerns, creating a funny moment.

Satire, Kim Seung-hyun, and Moon Soo-in, Jung Sung-yoon, and Kim Mi-ryeo will spread their colorful conversations to make the home theater a sea of ​​laughter.

The 9th episode of ‘Rice Planting Club’, which is full of charming conversation and candid episodes of the cast members, will be broadcast on the MBN channel on the 1st (Saturday) at 9:20pm, and the next day, the 2nd (Sunday) will be at LG HelloVision, at 7:30am/pm, broadcast in minutes.

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