“Sarah” released new single “Back Chat” with senior artist “V” to share the sadness –

come on strong, no undertones For the hottest and most popular artists right now sarah salola (Sarah – Home of Sayaporn Hiang) A handsome girl with a good voice who carries the cool and talent of the artist from the camp. marr with continuous work Many people have probably heard that can you (Can you?)raining in my heart, sorry to lose you, you are my favorite opinion, love is not hard, please play and give me back, latest sarah release a new single “Back Talk” Let’s appease the fans who are in the same mood.

“Back Talk” (Your Talk) is a song that represents the feelings that we No matter how you go back to chat, you can’t go back in time to that time. This song is a song for people who sit back and look back at ex-boyfriend conversations and pictures. reminds me of the memories we had together But when this time just thinking about those moments Can’t go back in time. “I can only look back and think about it. it can only be done.” Which makes this song have a melody that is catchy, easy to listen to and clearly expresses the sad mood. and also surprised when drawing Violet wautier Join us to sing and wear electronic rock. to complete this song more fully

You can follow the work “Squrs Yn Ôl” (Your Conversation) with Mv via Facebook: marr/Sarah.spsalola, Instagram: marrofficial_th/ sarah.spsalola, Youtube: marr, Twitter: marrofficial_th, TikTok: marrofficial_th/ @ sarah.spsalola.

Watch MV Back Chat (Your Chat) – sarah salola ft.Violette Wautier

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