Seibu’s Secret Weapon to “Eliminate Dysfunctions” Open “Orthopedic Surgery” next spring next spring, collaboration with Teikyo University | Full Account

Manager Matsui “I wanted it when I was a player”

On the 30th, Seibu signed a partnership with Teikyo University to support sports medical science. The centerpiece is the opening of the “Lions Orthopedic Clinic,” operated by three parties including Athlete Med Co., Ltd., which provides exercise programs. Scheduled for spring 2024.

The partnership will last for three years from April this year. The newly established “High Performance Group” was within the team management department of the Seibu baseball team headquarters, and a total of 8 people from Teikyo University, including 1 high performance director, 4 team doctors, 1 physical therapist, 1 registered dietician, and 1 high performance analyst. Team up for “injury prevention”, “early injury recovery” and “performance enhancement”.

The Lions Orthopedic Clinic is expected to open next spring next to the club’s home ground, Belluna Dome. A Seibu team doctor sent from Teikyo University serves simultaneously as the hospital’s director, providing advanced medical services to local residents as well as treating athletes.

Seibu manager Kazuo Matsui said of the clinic, “I wanted one when I was a player. Having a facility like this near our home ground will allow us to not only treat but also prevent injuries. It’s very encouraging . It is,” he said. said with a sense of anticipation.

He added, “If there is an injury during a match at the Belluna Dome, you will be able to have an immediate medical examination and hear the results of the diagnosis. I believe this will change the length of time you are out due to injury. I believe that it will be great for players.” , I think “eliminating” major injuries will lead to higher ranks.

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