“Slept for 4 days and wake up every night” thought it was not over yet Chen Yanbo revealed the hardships of the competition | Life | QUANTITY

Chen Yanbo has achieved good results in the cross-country competition recently, and also revealed the rigors of the competition. (Photo/Flipping Chen Yanbo’s Facebook page, same below)

After 10 years, Taiwanese ultramarathoner Chen Yanbo competed again in the 700-kilometer polar crossing in Yukon, Canada. He finished the race in 10 days, 6 hours and 4 minutes, and won fourth place in the overall standings. and third place in the hiking group. I fell asleep for 4 days, and woke up with nightmares every night, and my muscles are being eaten by my body.

Chen Yanbo posted on Facebook that he fell into a coma for 4 days after the game and woke up every night, “After opening my eyes, the surroundings were completely dark, I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or reality, and the The sound of feet on the snow kept coming from my brain, my body keeps stepping involuntarily,” thinking I haven’t finished the race, and I don’t know if I’m still on the track or a shelter tent . to normal.”

Chen Yanbo said that he competed in a dangerous environment, along with high pressure for a long time, and it may take some time to recover, “I lost weight, my leg muscles, buttocks and waist were all eaten away by my body. , and I lose a lot of weight Frostbite, sore joints all over the body, this event, I have invested several years of preparation, a lot of training, because the epidemic situation cannot be transferred to’ the snowy country, so I moved 4 big boxes of luggage and bought equipment for early testing, as well as the photography team, It took a very huge fee, and at the end, there was no prize money, and there were not many spectators, nothing but this medal.”

Chen Yanbo said that he would put the medal next to him before going to bed, because it represented all the efforts, “how to overcome, how to regain hope about to fall, how to control myself, how to learn to be alone, Only now I understand, This is the only truth. For me, this 700km polar crossing is not like a race, but like our life.”


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