Son Tae-jin ‘Burning Trotman’, today (10th) MBN ‘News 7’ solo appearance confirmed

Son Tae-jin, the ‘1st Trotman’ who was honored with the ‘Burning Trotman’, is triggering a ‘New Trotman’ run that will shake up Korea, such as confirming his solo appearance on MBN’s ‘News 7’.

In the ‘Burning Trotman’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Bult’), which ended on the 7th, Son Tae-jin, ‘Trot Won-seok’, who showed improvement in each round with a solid voice based on vocal music, a dignified tone, and a distinctive trot singing style, which won the final victory.â��The result of the reversal was obtained, which occupied the highest place, and everyone cheered. In particular, in the finals on this day, the total votes of public support and real-time text voting into TOP7 set an incredible record of well over 20 million votes, proving the public’s interest in ‘Bult’.

In this regard, Tae-Jin Son, the first trotman of ‘Bult’, appears alone on MBN’s main newsNews 7’ at 7 pm on the 10th (today) and meets the anchor Kim Joo-ha. In the first and second round of the finals, Son Tae-jin proved that he is ‘the people’s choice’ without dissent, gaining public support with a total of over 2 million votes through public support votes and real-time text voting. Son Tae-jin meets Kim Joo-ha, anchor, and shares his thoughts on winning ‘Bult’, thanks, and a behind-the-scenes story about the three-month competition, as well as plans and future aspirations. The coverage focuses on what kind of interview Son Tae-jin, who has received a high response for his unique humility, warmth and witty comments on every stage, will catch the eyes and ears of the home theater with an interview another.

On the other hand, the first Trotman Son Tae-jin is experiencing explosive timeliness with his solo appearance in ‘News 7’ as well as the record-breaking parade that pours after winning. First of all, the stage video scenes of Son Tae-jin’s ‘Sangsahwa’, which he showed in the second round of the ‘Bult’ final, as well as ‘Because of Nostalgia’ and the new song ‘Rare Stage’ set a record of more than 1 million views in the shortest period of time. Also, right after the second round of the finals, the stage video of Son Tae-jin’s life song ‘Sangsahwa’ showed incredible power, taking the first place in the fast-rising YouTube video. In addition to this, ‘Others’, which led to the ‘rediscovery of Son Tae-jin’ after Son Tae-jin’s performance in the third round of the finals, and ‘One Million Roses’, which he passionately sang in the semi-finals and warming up. up various views of sites, on the rise again in the rankings of the main music sites after Son Tae-jin’s ruling, and cause syndrome.

Amidst this, in the personal concert, which was the first official event after Son Tae-jin’s victory in ‘Bult’, countless fans chanted Son Tae-jin and caused surprises with the past success, forming a sea of ​​​people. In addition, there are behind-the-scenes cuts taken by the national delegation that participated in the on-site ‘Bult’ observation and fan cuts on the way to the work accomplished by Son Tae-jin’s schedule and from there tightly embroidered online, heralding the birth of ‘Newtrot Hot Star’. Mab Tae-jin’s future steps, the ‘New Normal Trotman’ with his tall appearance, unique trot tone, and excellent singing ability, will pioneer the ‘Blue Ocean Trot’ raising public attention.

The production team said, “The true value of Son Tae-jin, who became a trot treasure after hard work from an unprocessed trot gem, is full of more explosive power.” and it will help Please support Son Tae-jin’s progress with loving eyes.”

In the meantime, ‘Llosgi Trotman’ is broadcasting a special part 1 ‘Llosgi Ceremonie Gwobrau’ and a special part 2 ‘Burning Dinner Show’ as an after-sales service to viewers who have given infinite support and love. ‘Burning Awards Ceremony’ will be broadcast on the 14th (Tuesday), and ‘Burning Dinner Show’ will be broadcast on the 21st (Tuesday) at 9:40pm.

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