South Jeolla Province eases quarantine measures against COVID-19… Reorganization of living support costs

[무안=뉴시스] Promotional materials for the payment procedure for living support costs that has changed in COVID-19. (Graphic = Provided by Jennam State)

[무안=뉴시스] Reporter Lee Chang-woo = Jeonnam-do announced on the 3rd that he will change the living support cost assistance procedure for people in hospitals and quarantine as the government changes the Corona 19 quarantine measures from a mandatory 7-day quarantine to a 5-day recommendation on the 1st.

Among confirmed cases of COVID-19, those not hospitalized are registered in public health centers, and only those participating in quarantine receive living expenses.

Inpatients confirm their participation in quarantine with confirmation of hospitalization and discharge.

If you wish to participate in home quarantine rather than hospital quarantine, you must apply to register as a quarantine participant by accessing the Internet address (URL) specified in the notification letter or by telephone or by visiting the health center public by the day after the confirmation text message from the public health centre.

Changes will be applied by those who have received a positive confirmation text message since the last 1 day.

The criteria for aid and the amount of aid will remain the same.

The income support standard for people in hospital and in quarantine of COVID-19 is less than 100% of the median income, and the amount of support is 100,000 earned for one-person households and 150,000 for households with two or more people.

Lee Sang-sim, head of the Jeollanam-do State Health and Welfare Office, said, “We hope that those who are eligible for the Corona 19 Living Support Costs will be sure to register to participate in quarantine at the public health center according to the system change so that they will not be left out of the support.”

Living support costs after quarantine can be applied for online within 3 months of the end of quarantine at the Eup/Myeon/Dong Administrative Welfare Center or at Government 24 (subsidy 24).

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