Nexon’s ‘Maple Story’ Introduces ‘Minar Autumn Picnic’ Event to Celebrate Chuseok

Nexon’s popular game ‘Maple Story’ has recently launched the exciting ‘Minar Autumn Picnic’ event in celebration of Chuseok. Taking place in the enchanting ‘Minar Forest’, known for its sleeping dragons and resident lynxes, this event offers a similar experience to the previous ‘Identisk Exploration’ event introduced in the New Age update. However, the key difference […]

Apple Releases watchOS 10: Major UI Change and Exciting New Features

New watchOS 10 Released by Apple On September 19th, Apple made an official announcement regarding the release of watchOS 10. This marks the first major overhaul of the user interface for the Apple Watch since its initial launch, with a focus on improving widgets. Users can now expect an increase in the amount of information […]

Google Extends Chromebook Update Support for Users by 10 Years

Google Extends Chromebook Device Update Support by 10 Years In a move to enhance user experience, Google has announced that it will extend automatic update support for Chromebook users by an additional 10 years. This means that starting in 2024, Chromebooks released after 2021 will receive updates for an impressive decade, while older devices will […]

Google Announces Update for Pixel Watch App Allowing Multiple Watch Connection

Google Store Reveals Image of “Pixel Watch 2” September 8, 2023 (Gold), 12:18 – ITmedia Mobile Google has recently announced an update to the Pixel Watch app for Android devices connected to the Pixel Watch smartwatch. The latest version,, now allows users to connect multiple Pixel Watches to a single Android smartphone and easily […]

Action Square Updates ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ Mobile Game with New Skills and Costumes

Action Square Releases Update for ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ By Seok-yong Koh Money Today | Aug 10, 2023 | 16:18 Action Square, a renowned mobile game developer, has recently unveiled an exciting update for their popular game, ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’. This update introduces the highly anticipated ‘Flower and Butterfly Dance’ skill for the ‘Gangdong Eigyo’ characters, […]

Apple Releases watchOS 9.6 with Important Bug Fixes and Security Updates

watchOS 9.6 Released by Apple, With Important Bug Fixes and Security Updates On July 25th, tech giant Apple officially released “watchOS 9.6”. This latest version comes with crucial bug fixes and security updates, making it highly recommended for all users to update. The security content of Apple’s software updates can be found in detail by […]

Apple Releases Emergency Security Update for iOS 16.5.1 for iPhone and iPad

Apple Releases Emergency Security Update for iOS 16, Addresses Own Vulnerabilities By [Author Name] [Publication Date] Apple has taken swift action to address security concerns with the release of an emergency update for its iOS 16 operating system. In addition to the beta release of iOS 16.6, the tech giant has also rolled out iOS […]

Windows updates often, do I have to do it unconditionally?

Periodic updates are required, mainly for security and optimization It takes quite some time… MS Explains “Necessary to Prevent Hacking” “When the program won’t run, it might be fixed with an update” Sometimes when I try to turn off my computer, there is an ‘Update and Shutdown’ button. However, it is hard to feel the […]