The dark fantasy world parry fast-paced combat gameplay “Strayed Lights” is scheduled to debut on multiple platforms in the spring-Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

Strayed Lights is an action adventure game with smooth combat, set in a complex world full of mystery. Explore a dark and wonderful world of rampant nature and corrupt cities. You are a growing little light on the road to awakening. Fight your inner demons and restore balance to the world. The game adopts fast-paced […]

The prequel to the adventure game “Road 96: Mile 0”, which depicts the reason for exile from a dictatorship, will be released on April 4th.

The publisher (distributor) PLAION is a highly acclaimed adventure game released in June 2022.『Route 96』For the first part of this work“Route 96: Mile 0”ohReleased Tuesday, April 4publish This work will be sold as download software only for PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows). “Road 96: […]

“PlayStation VR2”, which is less than a month away from the official release, is now receiving general doubts! -Funglr Games

distanceFebruary 22, 2023 (Wednesday)PS VR dedicated to PS5, less than a month after the official releasePlayStation VR2“(hereafter referred to as PS VR2)It felt like a long time before the product was announced, but recently it finally felt like itIt’s getting closer to the release dateup.In addition to the masterpiece “Village of Resident Evil VR“In addition, […]

No PS5 Pro? Foreign insiders indicate that there are more rumors related to PS6

The PlayStation 5, aka PS5, has been supplied smoothly since the second half of last year on a domestic basis, but overseas supply seems to have only recently smoothed out. Since the PS5 has already passed its second year of release, there are talks about the existence of a so-called Pro version with better performance […]

An early access release of “The Last Starship”, a spaceship building and operating sim developed by Introversion Software, creator of Prison Architect, will be released this spring « doope!

The spaceship building and operating sim, announced early in June last year as a new work by Introversion Software, known for a number of creative works such as Prison Architect and Scanner Sombre, began closed playtesting in July following. The Last Starship”, but Introversion has issued a new press release, revealing that the Steam Early […]

Ark Survival Evolved has been updated on the Nintendo Switch.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 7:06:38 PM, Indochina time. Released in June 2015 for Ark: Evolving Survival and the launch was met with mixed reception. The game has Play a game Unique not seen in the survival genre at the time. By mixing it with monsters that can be caught and tamed. and because of […]

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which depicts the unknown story of Lord of the Rings and Gollum, will be released between April and September 2023, according to Nacon.

The release, originally scheduled for September 1, 2022, was postponed in July last year, and after that, there was no follow-up information including a new release schedule. However, today NACON reported a new release date for this work, and it became clear that it was supposed to be released between April 1, 2023 and September […]