China accuses the United States of being the true “empire of lies”

China’s foreign ministry declared that the United States is the real “empire of lies”after the US State Department accused Beijing of investing billions of dollars annually in information manipulation activities. In a report released Thursday, the United States government accused China of manipulating the world’s media through censorship, data collection and the covert purchase of […]

Rising Trend of Cash-Only Shops in Seoul Causes Inconvenience for Tourists and Consumers

Inconvenience Faced by Foreign Tourists at Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Mall On the afternoon of the 21st, an incident occurred at the underground shopping mall in Gangnam Station on Seoul Subway Line 2, highlighting the growing problem faced by foreign tourists. Li Shuying, a Chinese tourist, encountered difficulties when attempting to make a credit card […]

Water Usage in Iowa Supercomputers: The Environmental Impact of Microsoft and OpenAI’s AI Development

Behind Artificial Intelligence: Environmental Impact of Microsoft and OpenAI Supercomputers in Iowa Recent news reveals that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) has significant environmental costs, particularly concerning water and energy usage in training supercomputers. Jointly developed by Microsoft and OpenAI, the AI system ChatGPT relies on powerful supercomputers, which require substantial amounts of water […]

Controversy Surrounds Land Near Mathew Kuzhalnathan MLA’s Family House in Kochi

Revenue Department Conducts Land Survey near Mathew Kuzhalnathan MLA’s Family House Kochi, [Date] The revenue department, following a complaint lodged with the Musa Vigilance, is currently conducting a survey of the land adjacent to Mathew Kuzhalnathan MLA’s family residence in Ayankara, Paingotur Kadavoor village. The survey was initiated in response to allegations made by DYFI […]

Agro-industrial export registers a record amount; Bank of Mexico report

With a flow that is very close to that of remittances and that almost doubles the country’s income from oil and tourism, the agro-industrial sector is setting a record this year in exports and maintains a constant trade surplus. The Bank of Mexico reported that agricultural and agro-industrial exports stood at the historic 22 thousand […]

2023 Summer Travel Forecast Report: Air Ticket Prices Expected to Remain High

Tongcheng Travel Releases 2023 Summer Travel Forecast Report China Net Travel, June 28 – On June 27th, Tongcheng Travel unveiled its highly anticipated “2023 Summer Travel Forecast Report”. The comprehensive report provides insights into this year’s summer travel landscape, with a specific focus on air ticket prices and passenger flow patterns. According to the report, […]

Ebrard will deliver a report to López Obrador and will say goodbye to him

In his last formal act as Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard He announced that on Monday he will deliver to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a report on his activities in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He stated that among the tasks entrusted by the president to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SER) was theAcquisition of vaccines […]

11 crore robbery case report on July 12

The court has postponed the date of submission of the investigation report in the case of robbery of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited of Rs. The case was scheduled for submission of investigation report on Sunday (May 28). But on this day, the investigating officer of the case, Inspector Saju Mia of Mirpur Zonal Team of […]

Report on the disaster of the century from the scientists of 6 universities

After the devastating earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which occurred on February 6 and affected 11 provinces, scientists from Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), Düzce University, Sakarya University, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Sivas Cumhuriyet University and Giresun University came together to work on the field in earthquake zones. did the research. After the research, an evaluation report […]

The employment of women began 2023 with a lag: INEGI report

So far this year, job creation has fallen to the informal sector, in addition to the fact that women have been at a disadvantage compared to men. Data from the National Survey of Occupation and Employment of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) show that as of February 399,379 jobs have been created […]