‘The Glory’ Jung Seong-il “I love Ha Do-young and Park Yeon-jin very much”… The reason is?

Money Today Reporter Park Hyo-joo | 2023.03.19 08:34

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Actor Jung Sung-il explained Ha Do-young’s feelings for Park Yeon-jin in the Netflix drama ‘The Glory’.

On the 17th, in the ‘Netflix Debate’, released through the YouTube channel ‘Netflix Korea’, Jeong Seong-il interpreted, “Ha Do-young (Jeong Seong-il) loved Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji -yeon) ) very much.” In the drama, Ha Do-young and Lim Ji-yeon appeared as a married couple.

In response, the question followed “Why am I wearing less? (line in the drama)”, and Jung Seong-il explained that Ha Do-young’s character is misunderstood.

He said, “It’s not like everyone likes to wear less. There’s something wrong with it,” he explained.

We also talked about Doyoung’s feelings towards Moon Dongeun (played by Song Hyekyo) in the drama.

Of liking, sympathy, and something else, Jung Seong-il said, “It’s not sympathy, it’s like liking and other things. At first, it was curiosity, then I stayed. He was a person who had an answer to every question I asked, but he gave an unexpected answer to every question I asked, so he said, ‘What is it??’” he said.

When asked, “If you have to seduce Ha Do-yeong, wear less compared to learning Go and win”, Jung Sung-il joked, “Wear less and play Go.”

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