The highest number of deaths and severe cases in the history … ‘Omicron’ also urgently consulted

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Our situation is also insecure.

The number of new confirmed cases again exceeded 4,000, the second-highest number in history.

The death toll and the number of critically ill patients are all-time highs.

In particular, concerns are growing as the number of patients waiting to be hospitalized because there are no hospital beds has exceeded 1,000.

This is reporter Park Yoon-soo’s report.

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Seoul Mapo-gu Public Health Center.

Even on a weekend afternoon, people lined up outside the tent to get PCR tests.

You have to wait more than an hour to get tested, but the long line was created as citizens continued to flock.


“I didn’t expect that there would be this many (the number of people who came to be tested), but seeing the news that (the number of confirmed cases) is increasing, I’m worried that there will be more in the future. From a parent’s point of view.”

The number of confirmed cases in Seoul today is 1,888, and this week alone, it has already broken the record three times.

There were also 4,68 new confirmed cases nationwide, the second highest in history.

In particular, as the number of elderly confirmed cases increases, the number of severe cases increased by nearly 100 in four days, soaring to 634, and 52 people died yesterday, the highest number of deaths since the Corona crisis.

The condition of the hospital is not improving.

The utilization rate of intensive care beds in the metropolitan area is already saturated at 83.5%, and the number of patients waiting because they could not be assigned a bed was 1,167, exceeding 1,000 for two days in a row.

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“It means that the number of people who die now without treatment before becoming seriously ill is increasing. I think that strengthening the quarantine must go hand in hand in order to reorganize the medical system.”

The government sees an increase in vaccination among the elderly and the next month when hospital beds are secured as a critical milestone for daily recovery.

The measures to strengthen the quarantine that are currently under review, such as setting the validity period of the quarantine pass to 6 months and increasing the applied facilities, will be confirmed the day after tomorrow.


“I wondered if I would have to tighten (reinstate quarantine), and this time from next week onwards, there were a lot of gatherings.

The government will also hold a meeting with related ministries to block the domestic landing of the ‘Omicron mutation’ and soon announce measures to strengthen quarantine, such as whether or not to restrict entry from dangerous countries.

This is Park Yoon-soo from MBC News.

Video coverage: Choi In-gyu / Video editing: Park Hye-yeon

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