The Ministry of Public Health confirmed that RT-PCR was able to detect omicron and found that 2 brands of reagents were not detected.

Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences confirmed that RT-PCR testing can diagnose COVID-19 Omicron, asking people not to panic. While found that 2 brands of gene testing reagents that have been evaluated by the FDA may not be able to detect omikron.

Today (29 Nov 2021), Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences, announced the COVID-19 Omicron data, stating that in the past, the Department of Medical Sciences It requires all laboratories to carry out RT-PCR testing for COVID-19. More than one gene or more than one gene must be tested to confirm a negative or positive result.

However, this method of testing has become a merit. that makes the test for COVID-19 omikron even if some genes are not found But some genes may pop up, so when testing more than one gene, the chances of slipping out are very low. Therefore, please be confident and ask people not to panic. Confirmed RT-PCR testing methods can also diagnose omikron.

In addition, Thai scientists also examined a total of 104 brands of genetic testing reagents that were evaluated by the FDA. Of these, 2 brands were found to detect only the target genes N and S, meaning that if there is a mutation, some genes are missing from N. and S will make the potion undetectable.

The other 15 brands were able to co-examine the S target gene with other genes that were not mutated, and 87 brands could test for the N target gene with other genes that were not mutated as well, so there was a chance of escape. Almost none. Only 2 out of 104 brands are undetected. which will coordinate with the seller again to see how much the chance of a mistake, but concluded that RT-PCR still found the omikron

As for the ATK assay based on the antibody data in the N protein binding ATK assay of the pathogen of COVID-19, both refer to the results of studies by Liang, T., et al. mutation, so the mutation occurs Therefore, there is no evidence to confirm that this affects ATK testing.

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Check the coordinates! COVID-19 has spread in 18 areas on 4 continents, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that it has not been found in Thailand.



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